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Garry Shandling: Celebs Mourn Passing of ‘Genius,’ ‘Legend’

Garry Shandling Dead
AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin

Comedians and actors remembered Garry Shandling on social media following the actor’s death on Thursday afternoon.

Albert Brooks, Amy Schumer, Ricky Gervais and Jimmy Kimmel were among the first to pay their respects.

Brooks tweeted, “R.I.P. Garry Shandling. I am so saddened to hear this. Brilliantly funny and such a great guy. He will be so missed.”

“Today we lost a comedic genius and a very dear friend,” Sony Pictures Television chairman Steve Mosko, who was a close friend, said in a statement. “Garry entertained millions of people and was an inspiration to generations of comedians, actors and writers. He will be greatly missed.”

“Goodbye Gary Shandling thank you for your kindness and your generosity and for making me laugh so damn much,” Schumer tweeted.

“RIP the great Garry Shandling. Surely, one of the most influential comedians of a generation,” Gervais tweeted.

Kimmel added, “Garry Shandling was as kind and generous as he was funny and that is saying a lot.”

Steve Martin said: “Garry Shandling was a very special comedian with a beautifully unpredictable mind. He even voluntarily offered jokes and ideas for Oscars.”


Judd Apatow, who worked with Shandling on “The Larry Sanders Show,” shared a photo of himself with the late comedian.

Apatow also released the following statement: “Garry would see the ridiculousness of me being asked to sum up his life five minutes after being told of his passing. It is a perfect, ridiculous Larry Sanders moment. I can imagine how Hank would handle it, but I just don’t know how to sum up someone I loved so much who taught me everything I know and was always so kind to me. I am just too sad. Maybe tomorrow I will do better.”

Billy Crystal wrote: “Garry Shandling was one of the most brilliant people I have ever known. A shocking huge loss.”

Jim Carrey wrote, “When you get the light in a comedy club you know your time is up. Life doesn’t always give you a signal. Garry Shandling performed at the highest level on and offstage. He was an excellent man and he was more than ready for the Big Show. Bravo Garry! Yours was a life well lived.”

Bob Saget tweeted: “To the funniest and brilliant Garry Shandling. Rest in peace Garry.”

“Garry ushered in the modern period of original programming at HBO with his brilliant masterpiece, ‘The Larry Sanders Show,'” HBO said. “All of us at HBO have a special place in our hearts for him not only for his enormous talent but for his kindness and decency. We will miss him terribly.”

“Garry was a guiding voice of comedy,” Bob Odenkirk said in a statement. “He set the standard, and we’re all still trying to meet it. He gave us all opportunities to learn how to do the best work of our lives. But, more importantly, as I knew him these last few years, he was a person who never stopped trying to be a better person. That’s yet another way he inspired me and I’m sure many others who knew him.”

Seth MacFarlane tweeted: “Saddened over Garry Shandling. He was a comedy idol of mine. He leaves behind the greatest single-camera comedy of all time. #LarrySanders”


Paul Feig weighed in: “Absolutely can’t process the loss of Garry Shandling. Such a genius, such a wonderful man, such an inspiration. I was so honored to know him.”

Kathy Griffin wrote: “Sunday, my longtime friend Garry Shandling was here, making every1 laugh. I loved him. I’ll miss our talks the most.”

Rip Torn said in a statement: “How sadly early to lose such a fine artist. Working with him was one of the great privileges of my career. He was a comic talent of immense originality who enthusiastically encouraged and responded to the originality of others.”

Seth Meyers said: “Heartbreaking news about Garry Shandling. Just heartbreaking.”

James L. Brooks wrote: “Gary Shandling was often funny when he was serious. And when he was actually going for it – unparalleled. Bless his soul.”

UTA, which managed Shandling, remembered the comedian with this statement: “Garry was an irrepressible force in comedy and in life, and his body of work will forever be cherished. He brought a smile to our faces on screen and in person, and was a most generous mentor to so many talented comedic minds. It was a true privilege to have him in our lives as both a friend and client. We will miss him dearly.”

David Steinberg said in a statement: “What a loss. One of the true comic geniuses ever. I can’t  imagine a world without Garry’s take on things. He was a caring and generous person. I will miss him so much.”

“I am heartbroken. What horribly sad news,” Fred Willard tweeted.

“Nooooo!!! I love Garry Shandling. So sad!! #pioneer,” tweeted Josh Groban.

Jeffrey Tambor said, “I am so sad. Garry was my dear friend and was and always will be my teacher. Garry redesigned the wheel of comedy and he was the kindest and funniest of geniuses. I will miss him so much.”

Marc Maron wrote: “Dammit. He was the best. So sad. RIP Garry Shandling.”

“Garry Shandling no no no. I love you. I cannot accept that you are gone. Rest in Power my hero. #RIPGarry,” Margaret Cho tweeted.

Andy Cohen tweeted, “Not Garry Shandling!!!!!! A treasure!!!!!! How sad.”

“The great Garry Shandling’s work is such a touchstone for me that I was actually discussing him moments before I heard the sad news. RIP,” Stephen Merchant said.

“Garry Shandling is one of the great teachers in my life. He taught me about subtext, honesty, compassion, the best kind of comedy. Much love,” Mary Lynn Rajskub tweeted.

Kristen Chenoweth tweeted: “Sad today. My friend @GarryShandling passed. He encouraged me from the very start. A few weeks ago he told me life was short and enjoy it.”

“Larry Sanders is my favorite TV Show and I am so sad about Garry Shandling,” said Julie Klausner.


George Lopez said: “Saddened by the news of the passing of Garry Shandling, I met Garry at @TheComedyStore WEST in 1979 #VayaConDios.”

Larry King wrote: “The King family is shocked & saddened by Garry Shandling’s passing. Brilliant, funny & genuinely kind. A very rare combination.”

“OH NO! @GarryShandling passed away. I’m so sad. He was always so warm and encouraging. RIP…,” Debra Messing tweeted.