Game of Thrones” can add another notch in its belt.

The season 6 trailer for the Emmy-winning HBO series has pulled in 30 million views in less than 24 hours after debuting on Tuesday. Combined, its 8 million YouTube views and 22 million hits on the show’s Facebook page mark an all-time high for anHBO trailer launch. In comparison, the trailer for season 5 delivered 27 million views in its first day.

Last season, the hit show averaged 20.2 million viewers per episode when including streaming, DVR playback and repeats. This season could very well top that. Between the monster numbers the trailer put up and the increased security over episodes leading to their air date, making it harder for the show to be pirated, the show could set massive viewership records again.

The return of the show hinted at more massive battles in Westeros and beyond the Wall. It also teased the fates of some of the show’s most popular characters: Jon Snow, Daenerys and Arya. Isaac Hempstead Wright’s Bran Stark also returns this season, and the trailer offered a quick shot of him standing with the Night King (emphasis on the standing).

The sixth season of “Game of Thrones” premieres on the premium channel on April 24.