Galavant” won’t be singing into a third season at ABC. The musical comedy has been cancelled after two seasons, Variety has learned.

A departure for ABC, the musical period piece was critically acclaimed for the risk-taking creativity and also the impressive talent. However, the ratings were less-than-impressive — so much so that the second season was seen as a lucky surprise when that renewal was announced.

While the network has not officially announced they’ve pulled the plug on “Galavant,” insiders tell Variety the show has essentially been dead since the start of this pilot season, as star Joshua Sasse was released from his requirements on the series, giving him the freedom to explore other projects. He ended up booking a series regular role on the CW’s pilot “No Tomorrow,” which was just greenlit today.

Through its two-season run, “Galavant” was praised by critics. Variety‘s Season 2 review stated, “Now it’s back for season two, and that’s good news for those few who can appreciate something as wildly silly as ‘Galavant.’ And as one of those folks, who felt in on the jokes, here’s a (qualified) cheer for ‘Galavant.’ So savor this brief run, that’s really quite good fun, because blink and you might miss out on ‘Galavant.'”

Premiering to 7.4 million viewers with its first bow in January 2015, the show saw a big decline through its 18 episodes over two seasons, eventually falling to just over two million viewers in its final episodes in January 2016.