Based on some of the things Samantha Bee says during her “Full Frontal” program on TBS, you might think Jo Miller, the showrunner and executive producer, would have a flamethrower in her office. No such luck. Miller and the “Full Frontal” team operate out of a building directly across the street from where the show tapes in a mammoth CBS production facility that also serves as home to “CBS Evening News” and “Last Week Tonight With John Oliver.” She directs a small team of writers, producers, researchers, social-media experts, and more from a small room that contains a comfortable bean-bag chair as well as a great selection of booze -— with good reason.


Miller’s office is well-stocked with booze, for which she makes no apologies. “We very much enjoy good scotch and good bourbon, and we have ‘Whiskey Wednesdays’,” she says. The office also offers plenty of variety: “Our field department just got a wine fridge. We have a Kegerator in the kitchen, because we work all the time, so we want people to be happy — including me. Also, there is no way to watch a Republican debate without it.”


When Miller calls for “Sammy,” she isn’t necessarily trying to find her show’s host out in the office. She may just be talking to her cat. “Sammy was adopted five years ago from Animal Care Centers of NYC, where he was on the kill list for the next day. I don’t know how old he is. He is 16 pounds, the light of my life, and very partial to Samantha.”


Miller got a kick out of a New York Daily News headline about former presidential candidate Ted Cruz. “It’s an example of making a joke and the thing actually happens. When I saw it, I said ‘Frame this!’ When I got back to town [after a trip], the production department had framed it for me. I was joking — but I love it.”