Fox will hold an executive session at the winter Television Critics Association press tour after all.

The network sent a statement to TCA Friday announcing that it would break ranks with fellow Big Four broadcasters ABC, CBS, and NBC and reverse a decision to skip the traditional network-chief press conference at the January junket.

“We heard from many TCA members this week about how they value having an executive session twice a year,” the Fox statement read. “We were focused on presenting our mid-season programming and we underestimated the interest in this panel.  We are happy to accommodate the TCA members and we have adjusted our schedule to include an executive session this January.  We look forward to seeing you in Pasadena.”

TCA president Amber Dowling forwarded the statement to members Friday, just three days after informing them that the Big Four had decided to skip the executive sessions. ABC, CBS, and NBC have not indicated that they are reconsidering their stance regarding executive sessions, long a staple of the decades-old biannual press tour.

In a note sent Friday to executives from ABC, CBS, and NBC, Dowling wrote, “TCA is grateful Fox has recognized the importance of the January executive sessions to our membership. We understand that every network has their own tight schedules to work around, but we are hopeful similar adjustments might still be made on other networks’ ends. We know the membership would be appreciative.”

The fifth major English-language U.S. broadcast network, the CW, has maintained that it will hold an executive session in January.

Dowling also informed members Friday that Amazon, which confirmed that it would not be participating at all in the January press tour, will host a luncheon for its upcoming series “Sneaky Pete” Jan. 5. Netflix and Starz pulled out of the forthcoming press tour, which will see networks host a series of press conferences with executives and talent over the course of two weeks, last month.