Fox’s Bret Baier Presses DNC Chair About Fox News Hosting Democratic Debate

Bret Baier Debby Wasserman Interview Fox
Courtesy of Fox News

Democratic National Committee chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz was non-committal when asked by Fox News anchor Bret Baier whether Fox News could handle one of the remaining Democratic debates.

“You’ve had six debates so far and I think you have four more on the books. How about letting the Fox News debate team handle one of those?” Baier asked Wasserman Schultz.

After laughing a bit, she answered, “You know, we have got a lot on our plate and I’m really happy to be here with you on your network. There aren’t a whole lot of Democrats who come on, and I always look forward to our conversations Bret and look forward to sparring with you and some of your hosts all the way through the campaign.”

Baier pressed her on the point, but Wasserman Schultz said, “I’m saying that I’m here, ready to talk to you about the issues and will do so all the way through this election cycle.”

“I’ll take the hope part of that,” she responded.

In the last contested Democratic primary in the 2008 cycle, candidates declined to participate in planned debates co-sponsored by Fox News, including an event that was to be in partnership with the Congressional Black Caucus. But as the primary progressed, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama did take part in multiple interviews on the network.

CNN will telecast the next Democratic debate on March 6 in Flint, Mich. Additional debates are scheduled for March 9 in Miami, to be broadcast by Univision and co-sponsored by the Washington Post, as well as in April and May. Media partners for the April and May events have yet to be announced.