With the second half of Season 2 of AMC’s “Fear the Walking Dead” fast approaching on August 21, the cast and producers took the stage at San Diego Comic Con’s Hall H to tease what’s ahead for the survivors — who no longer have the Abigail or the compound as sanctuary.

“For the first time we’re going to see our characters really having to learn how to survive in the apocalypse in a way they haven’t before,” said executive producer Dave Erickson, “And then on top of that they’ll be separated; they’re really doing it on their own.” He was joined on the panel by executive producers Robert Kirkman, David Alpert, Greg Nicotero and Gale Anne Hurd as well as cast members Colman Domingo (Strand), Kim Dickens (Madison), Cliff Curtis (Travis), Frank Dillane (Nick, Mercedes Mason (Ophelia), Alycia Debnam-Carey (Alicia), Lorenzo James Henrie (Chris) and new cast member Danay Garcia (Luciana).

As the teaser trailer revealed at the top of the panel, the group will not only be separated but end up south of the border alongside growing violence in the world. “I think they have enough zombie savvy now to realize that things are not going to go back to the way they were,” said Erickson. “We’re going to see a level of intensity and violence in the back half that we haven’t seen before.”

Hurd also promised that in this batch of episodes, “we’re really going to see a lot of things that you’ve probably never seen on television before in the midst of the zombie apocalypse.” Alpert also teased “our characters turn into warriors,” while Nicotero said, “I think we’re going to see the scope of our show grow bigger.”

New cast member Danay Garcia plays Luciana, who will meet up with Nick when he arrives in a community just outside of Tijuana. Of these people, Erickson said, “they don’t see the dead as a bad thing, necessarily. They really see it as just an evolution and a next step. Luciana is sort of this bad ass soldier in this group and somebody who is also an orphan of the apocalypse in the same way that Nick is by choice.” Luciana will also be testing Nick in this new group, Garcia said.

For Dickens, glimpses of Madison’s toughness became more prevalent when she killed Celia in the midseason finale. Will that trajectory continue? “I think it is indicative of what we’re going to see,” the actress said, “but I also think it’s indicative to where she’s come from, what her life’s been like.”

Also expect Strand to be further deconstructed from who he was when we first met him in the first season. “He knew himself as such a con man and entrepreneur so now he’s just out to sea,” Domingo said, “so hopefully that will make him stronger but it could possibly break him.” Domingo also said his theory of the relationship between Strand and Thomas is that Strand didn’t realize he loved him until just before Thomas died in his arms.

Fan favorite Debnam-Carey teased fans will see a change in dynamic between Alicia and Madison now that Nick has gone off on his own. “For her I think it feels like a fresh start; tension has been boiling underneath the surface with Madison and Alicia for a really long time… I think for her, maybe now Madison will focus most of her energy finally on Alicia.”

“Fear the Walking Dead” returns on August 21 at 9pm on AMC.