SPOILER ALERT: Do not read on unless you’ve seen season 2, episode 9 of “Fear the Walking Dead,” titled “Los Muertos.”

Rather than spend an entire episode with a separate piece of our frayed survivor group, episode nine, “Los Muertos,” catches us up on how Madison, Alicia, Strand and Ofelia are dealing while also looking at Nick’s new life at the village outside Tijuana.

Not a lot happens in the group of four’s story. They’ve been looking for the rest of the group for two days following the fire at Abigail’s compound and decide it’s time to head back to the Abigail. Oops: turns out when you leave a yacht that has the ability to filter water untended it ends up getting pilfered pretty quickly. They leave a message in case anyone else comes looking for the boat and then head off for shelter.

Alicia, who is taking on more of a leadership role while Madison deals with being separated from Nick, points out a hotel. They head inside and though Madison objects, Alicia and Ofelia head upstairs to see if they can find anything in the rooms. Strand and Madison decide to drink.

Up in the hotel, someone has marked each room with a “Do Not Disturb” sign if there are walkers inside. The two eventually find a room and take what is left. In the bathroom, they find the room’s owner had hanged himself in the shower, but had come back. This shakes up Ofelia and in the next room, she asks Alicia why he did it. After losing her father, Ofelia thinks it may not be the worst way to go. Salazar always had a bleaker view of the world. Alicia says she doesn’t see why people don’t fight as long as they can.

Downstairs, Madison and Strand are getting pretty blotto, downing shot after shot of tequila. Madison tells Strand how Nick and Alicia’s father died and hints that he may not have just been tired when he ran head-on into a car. She then decides that after every shot she takes, she’ll throw the glass against a wall. Strand begins loudly banging on a nearby piano and together this symphony begins to attract the attention of a lot of walkers.

Upstairs, Alicia has taken advantage of the still-running hot water to take a shower. She heads back out to the main room to find Ofelia gone. She heads out to the balcony in time to see the undead flipping over the balconies and falling to the ground. Those that don’t destroy their heads in the fall are getting up and heading to the bar. Madison and Strand have finally noticed the growing number of walkers and try to fight them off. They’re overwhelmed and cornered inside the bar, the dead reaching in at them.

Miles away in Tijuana, Nick is learning more about his new home. He learns that the people have some form of ritual where they sacrifice their people to a large group of walkers just outside their only entrance, a bus parked strategically in a fence hole, to strengthen their numbers to protect the remaining members. They call it the Wall.

Eventually Lucina, the woman who had been watching Nick while he traveled with the zombie pack, takes him with her on a mission. They head into town and meet a gang that has taken over a grocery store. For a bag full of meds, they are able to fill one cart with whatever they want. They do their shopping and on their way out, Nick gets tackled for having a dessert in his pocket. He’s about to lose his hand for the trouble but has Lucina translate for him. He saw the gang’s leader inside tending to his sister and says that the meds will stop if they don’t get to leave… and with another cart filled with water too.

Lucina is furious on the way home. They had never provoked the gang before and now she’s worried they may follow them back and find their village. She tells him Alejandro, the pharmacist who fixed Nick’s dog bite, will want to talk with him.

Alejandro tells Nick that what is happening now is a cleansing, that the dead rose and started walking to deal with people without faith. He shows Nick that their meds are running out quick, so he has been lying to the people to keep their faith high.

“This is a test,” Alejandro says. “The dead are walking toward their final resting place and when they leave, when the world has been washed clean of death, we the faithful will remain. We have been chosen.”

Alejandro has a good reason for putting his focus on faith. While he’s picking up meds his shirt falls open to reveal what looks like a walker bite mark on his shoulder. An old, healed bite mark.