Spoiler Alert: Do not read ahead if you haven’t seen season two, episode five of “Fear the Walking Dead,” titled “Captive.”

The fourth episode of “Fear the Walking Dead” ended with Alicia and Travis being taken by Connor, Jack and the rest of his group. This episode, “Captive,” opens with Connor being more or less decent to Alicia. He makes her a hearty meal including Omaha Steaks while telling her that he wanted some alone time with her to get to know her. The pregnant woman, who boarded the Abigail last episode, is less inclined to niceties. When Connor leaves to fix a power outage the woman takes Alicia’s meal for herself. This alone time allows Alicia to find her way outside. She’s still on a boat, but the boat is on land.

Back on the Abigail, Salazar is tending to the wounds of the surviving member of Connor’s boarding party, who happens to be Connor’s brother. He tries to intimidate Salazar by threatening Ofelia. Salazar remains stone-faced. When he leaves, he tasks Chris with watching the door in hopes he’ll stay busy and not think about his dad being gone.

Having Connor’s brother, Salazar is convinced they can use him as leverage to get back Alicia and Travis. With Strand still on the mend, there is no one to stop them from changing course…expect newest member of the Abigail, Luis. He gripes that they are going to miss their window to get into Mexico. Madison says she needs half a day. Her plan: board and use force, pirate-style.

Turns out Alicia’s job for Connor is going to be talking to large vessels that show up on radar and “reel them in.” While Jack explains her new job, she lifts a weapon from his back pocket.

Travis is getting a less kind treatment than Alicia. He’s locked in a cage and presumably isn’t getting fed Omaha Steak. While Travis tries to pick the lock of his cage a woman enters the room. It’s Alex, the woman they agreed to tow until Strand cut them loose and stranded them. Reasonably, she doesn’t seem too fond of Travis. She tells the horror story of how she had to kill Jack on the raft and it turns out she was the one who gave Connor details on the Abigail and her passengers. The rub is that she wanted Connor to bring Travis to her in exchange.

Jack continues to train Alicia on using the radar. A large ship turns up, causing Jake to get alarmed. Alicia figures out, thanks to the labels Jack makes for every ship, that the newest appearance on the radar is the Abigail. She says there wouldn’t have been enough time for her family to be dropped off on land as promised to make it back at this time. She asks Jake if he knew the plan wasn’t to spare her family before the two get in a tussle. Jack says Reed, Connor’s brother, is the one who ends up killing passengers that don’t have something to offer Connor.

Madison confronts her son about leaving the Abigail without telling anyone to run an errand for Strand. And despite having a plan to board another ship and use force to get back Travis and Alicia, she seems oddly concerned that Nick is learning to handle a gun. Let him learn to defend himself!

In the prison, Travis plays the “I have a son” card to Alex. He says the decisions he makes, he does so to protect his family. To give him credit, though, he does admit to not being better than the man who cut the boat. Then the two start bonding over having to kill family members.

Reed and Chris taunt each other below deck. Despite being pretty seriously hurt, Reed is much better at pushing Chris’ buttons than the other way around. Nick comes down and tries to get Chris to come upstairs. Chris tells him that he thinks since he froze and let Connor’s men get on the boat that everything since is his fault.

Alicia finally gets some time with Travis. She updates him on what she thinks to be true and the plan to escape that her and Jack have. Travis says to leave them if she has a way out. Despite protests, Travis says Alicia’s mother would never forgive him if he didn’t let her go.

Madison and Connor have a chat over the radio. She sets the terms: Reed for Travis and Alicia. Nick offers to take Reed but Madison tells Connor to expect her. Of course once the terms are struck, there is a shot on the Abigail. Chris, the growing sociopath that he is, shot and killed Reed. He claims Reed was going to turn but let’s be real, this kid isn’t taking the apocalypse well and probably just snapped.

“This is what we do now. Spill blood, clean it up, spill it again,” Ofelia says while she and Nick are cleaning Reed off the walls. She also seems to be the only person who is concerned about Chris and his mental state.

Because of where Chris shot him, Reed still turns into a zombie. Nick wants to kill it, but Salazar has another plan. He wants a moving Reed to be able to make the trade for Alicia and Travis.

It’s time for the trade. Madison and Zombie Reed head off in the dingy to the meeting spot. Travis is being walked there as well but Alicia is off on her own. She gets confronted by the pregnant woman. She tries to put Alicia in Travis’ cage but after another quick scuffle gets locked in the cage herself.

Madison makes the trade for Travis at the dock and the plan works just as swimmingly as Salazar planned it. Reed takes a big bite out of big brother’s arm the second the bag is lifted from his head while Travis and one of Connor’s men tackle each other to the ground.

At the top of the shop, Alicia can see her mom and Travis fighting on the dock. Jack finds her and says he can protect her. He says they can leave, but Alicia wants to go with her family. Jack doesn’t take this very well. She apologizes to him before jumping off the boat into the water by the dingy, leaving Jack alone.