Spoiler alert: Do not read on if you haven’t seen episode three, season two of “Fear the Walking Dead,” titled “Ouroboros.”

For the second week in a row, “Fear the Walking Dead” opened on a group other than the members on the Abigail and like the family from episode two, their crossing with the members of the ship doesn’t go well.

Following a plane crash, a small group of survivors manage to pile into a small raft. These people seem pretty well versed in what happens when you get bit because when the final person clambers aboard with a bite on his leg he’s promptly dealt with. Among the survivors are a woman named Alex and a boy named Jake, whose face has been severely burned. A man wearing a suit wants to put Jake out of his misery and when he tries late one night, Alex kills him and throws him overboard. The other remaining man tries to talk her into doing what is best for Jake and ending his suffering, but she’s not ready to do so.

Back on the Abigail, something is wrong with the ship. After skimming a manual, Travis learns there is something wrong with the water intake system which has caused the engines to overheat. The only way to see what is blocking the system is to go under the boat and check. After some arguing between Madison and Strand, Travis decides to see what is blocking the intake immediately rather than wait until morning. Donning some scuba gear, Travis heads under the Abigail to learn that, of course, the arm of a zombie is stuck in the valve. But it isn’t just any zombie — it was the last member on the raft aside from Alex and Jake. Apparently things went south.

Travis lets Strand know it will take him at least an entire day to fix the intake — looks like he’ll be late for the meeting with whoever he was talking to last week. Elsewhere on the ship, Salazar learns the gunshot wound Ofelia suffered at the end of season one is infected and needs antibiotics. Continuing his run as the least trusting person in the apocalypse, Salazar doesn’t want Madison or anyone else involved and tells his daughter they will figure out a way to get meds themselves.

Luckily, Alicia may have the answer. She spots the wreckage of a plane crash on a nearby beach with luggage filled with potentially useful supplies ripe for the taking. Nick and Chris want to join Alicia on the beach to look for supplies while Travis fixes the engines, but Madison refuses to let them go until Salazar offers to head to land with them. The kids make a good argument that they shouldn’t be relegated to the “kid’s table” anymore. Before they depart, Salazar lets Madison know that Strand plans for their destination to be Mexico.

While the beach group rummages through the luggage of the dead, Chris, in angsty Chris fashion, wanders off on his own for no real purpose. Nick and Alicia also reveal a trend of enjoying to play dress up with the clothes of the recently undead, having done something similar in the first season. While Salazar looks for meds and Nick and Alicia keep trying on clothes, Chris finds a larger part of the plane with a zombie in it. He kills the zombie with a piece of the wreckage and discovers someone in the piece of the plane he’s in survived the crash. Helping him out of his seat, Chris finds it may not have been a blessing that he survived. The man’s spine is broken and sticking out of his shirt. After some begging, Chris decides to put the man out of his misery, raising the question again to whether Chris will prove to be the first person on the Abigail who can truly handle himself or the first person to snap.

Back on the boat, Madison confronts Strand about his plans to go to Mexico. Strand tells her he knows a place there with everything they could ever need to survive forever — a zombie apocalypse Shangri-La. The two agree that they need to start working together and being honest if they are going to make it there. On her way out, Madison flat-out threatens Strand.

“You even look wrong at anyone in my family, I will throw you overboard,” she says, putting their latest allegiance on rocky ground from the jump.

Salazar and Nick realize Chris is gone and they split up to look for him. Nick doesn’t get too far before he finds a bag with medicine for Ofelia. Alicia also wanders off looking for Chris. Salazar’s search for Chris leads him to a person who he thinks is the boy running down a dune. It turns out to be Alex, from the beginning of the episode. She tells him they need to run as dozens of zombies crest the dune and start heading their way. Nick’s search leads him to the first “unique” zombie of the season, an unlucky fellow who’d cut in half and is being constantly clawed and ripped at by crabs. Of course Nick looses his footing and falls within reaching distance of the crab zombie. Thanks to a knife he found earlier, he is able to take care of it, though the celebration is short lived as another zombie takes an identical tumble down onto Nick.

Alicia is the one to actually find Chris, who is a little shaken up by having killed an actual human and not just a member of the undead. Before he can really say anything, they hear gunshots from Salazar. Madison, Strand and Travis also hear the gunshots from the ship and see the beach crew getting chased by zombies. Luckily, Travis is nearly done with repairs to the intake.

Salazar and Alex meet with Alicia and Chris and make a stand trying to get to the boat. The four of them put up a hell of a fight, especially Alicia, who hasn’t really had to deal with killing the walkers before. Just when they seem to be overwhelmed, Nick shows up, drenched in the blood and gore of the second zombie that fell on him, to help even the odds. It seems the crew of the Abigail has learned the life hack of zombie gut camouflage.

The group heads back, having stopped to pick up the raft that had Jake in it. When they reach the ship, Strand is immediately against letting the two newcomers aboard. The beach group argues to let them on while Strand continues his “no newcomers” policy. Madison lets everyone know they are headed for Mexico and asks Strand if they can tow the raft with Alex and Jake until at least San Diego.

It’s unclear how for how long they tow the raft, but after some deliberating, Strand heads to the back of the boat, where Madison is watching the raft, and without saying anything cuts the line, stranding the two in the middle of the ocean. Crossing paths with the Abigail seems like a poorer and poorer choice every day.