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Spoiler warning: Do not read on unless you’ve seen episode two, season two of “Fear the Walking Dead,” titled “We All Fall Down.”

The occupants of the Abigail are on the run from a potentially dangerous ship. After coming upon a destroyed ship in the last episode, Strand has been trying to outrun the mysterious vessel. It isn’t going great. No matter how many zigs and zags Strand adds to their route, the ship course corrects…and it’s gaining.

The mystery of whether the ship holds the man Alicia had been talking to on the radio or someone else (please be pirates, please be pirates) will have to wait. The group decides to hide in the cove of an island where an animal conservatory is. Travis hopes there will be a ranger station where they can get some information.

Docking in the cove, Madison sees a light turn on a few times in a house. Herself, Travis and their kids decide to check it out. Salazar still doesn’t trust Strand so he and Ofelia remain on the Abigail with him.

The family is greeted by a little boy (Harry) and husband and wife (George and Melissa). With a bit of apprehension, the five L.A. survivors are invited into the house for the night.

George considers himself a survivalist. It becomes clear to Travis when the two have a conversation that George is a bit off his rocker and probably was before the world ended. He’s obsessed with family and people dying together where they began. Crazy as he is, he’s at least well informed. He lets Travis know that every major West Coast city was bombed, including their destination of San Diego.

Madison and Melissa also bond. The new woman grills Madison on what she did before everything happened and what she thought of kids. She also lets Madison know that it had been quite awhile since they had any company. Melissa and George’s oldest son, Seth, comes through the house acting very protective of his mom and carrying a gun. Like father, like son. Melissa seems more afraid of her family and life on the island than she does of what’s going on with the rest of the world.

Nick, Alicia and Chris are spending time with Harry and his sister Willa, the youngest of George and Melissa’s kids. Alicia schools Willa on the significance of posies and Nick agrees to see Harry’s room. Chris is still moping.

As this is a show with horror elements, it’s common practice to have a kid be the first clue that something is wrong wherever the protagonists go. Usually they say something they think is innocent or cute, but with the added ability of making the flesh of any outsider crawl. This happens when Nick visits Harry’s room.

Harry shows Nick his action figures, all of which have red dots marking their foreheads. Nick asks why they’re like that and Harry says, “It’s what has to happen now when people get sick.” That’s not so much creepy; rather it proves Harry may be the best suited person on this show to survive outside of Strand and Salazar. Nick lets the boy know it won’t happen to him and Harry’s response is what cements his place as a creepy horror show child.

“I know, because I have ‘Power Pills,'” he says to Nick’s confusion. “It’s like a vitamin. If I take it my family stays together.”

Back on the Abigail, Salazar is trying to pull more clues from Strand. The rich benefactor of the survivors seems in a hurry. Salazar asks if he planned on leaving the family on the island. Though Strand says otherwise, Salazar thinks that the number of resources will force the man to rethink things going forward.

The next morning Chris finds Seth and agrees to help him with chores. The chores are killing the infected that washed ashore and are piling up on one of the fences that keep the conservatory safe. Think “The Walking Dead” season three at the prison. Chris takes a liking to driving a pickaxe through the eye socket of the recently deceased. This could either make him a well prepared asset going forward or be the first step toward him going bonkers himself.

Back at the house, Nick snoops around looking for drugs he can pilfer to feed his habit. In the process, he comes across some pills that confirm what he had been starting to fear. He lets Madison and Travis know he thinks George is going to “Jim Jones” his family.

Madison goes and has a talk with Melissa. She says they plan to leave soon and Melissa seems upset. An offer for them to come with is extended but Melissa says she can’t because she has MS. George believes the family should die together rather than with strangers and Seth is too similar to his father. She wants Madison to take Harry and Willa with them though to give them a chance.

The ship that had been hounding the Abigail finally disappears from radar and Strand announces it’s time to go. He leaves the cabin giving Salazar a chance to poke around. He finds a safe, picks the lock and begins sifting through its contents. Among them is an impressive looking rifle and a lot of maps, most of Mexico.

While Salazar is nosing about, Strand has taken a pit stop in one of the abandoned restaurants and is speaking with someone on a phone. It was pretty obvious that there was a lot more to Strand than originally met the eye but this cements it. The Abigail may not even actually be his boat. He talks to someone on the other line about a schedule and how far back they could push some sort of date. Apparently sundown is as far back as whatever meeting can be moved. Strand says he can make it.

In George and Melissa’s home, Travis, Nick and Madison arrive to collect the children. Of course the handoff is interrupted by George, who had no idea what Melissa was planning. Before things can boil over, Harry comes down and says something is wrong with Willa.

Oops — Willa got into Daddy’s stash of “Power Pills.” The girl is dead before the group reach her upstairs. She doesn’t stay that way for long. She comes back while Melissa is holding her and takes a big bite out of her neck. The Abigail’s passengers grab Harry and head for the door while George sits on the floor and waits for his turn to die with his family.

Strand obviously has a problem with bringing another mouth to feed. He also calls children the definition of dead weight. Madison stands up to him and says they aren’t leaving people behind again, but before Strand can respond, Harry’s brother Seth shows up with a gun. He threatens the group until they finally let Harry get off the boat with his brother.

Seth and Harry meet their dead mother on the dock. Seth tells his little brother to wave goodbye to the boat. While he does, Seth shoots his mom with the gun.

After a short pit stop, the Abigail is headed back out to sea.