Poll: Who’s Your Favorite Fictional TV President?

TV Presidents Poll

Election Day 2016, Nov. 8, is fast approaching, and we’ll soon find out who will be our new president: Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump.

In such a tumultuous political climate, it’s sometimes comforting to turn to entertainment for a distraction — but sometimes, TV shows head to the Oval Office. In fact, some of the most interesting characters of our time have been fictional presidents.

Do you love Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ comedic VP-turned-president on “Veep”? Or do you find Kevin Spacey’s calculating Frank Underwood more intriguing? And of course, TV lovers will point to “The West Wing’s” Josiah Bartlet as a classic.

Which is your favorite fictional TV president? Vote below! Did we forget your favorite? Let us know in the comments.

UPDATED: This poll has been closed, with “The West Wing’s” President Bartlet taking the top spot.