Family Guy” is campaigning for an Emmy by taking aim at another campaign — Donald Trump’s, that is.

This year’s official For Your Consideration material for the Fox show is a skewering spoof of Trump that features “Family Guy’s” main character Peter Griffin dressed up as the presidential hopeful — hair and tan included. The text begs: “As long as we’re voting for loud dumbmouths, can I get an Emmy?”

Fox sent out the FYC mailers yesterday, which hit mailboxes of Emmy voters just as Ted Cruz dropped out of the race, setting the path for Trump to become the GOP nominee. Today, John Kasich also dropped out, sealing Trump’s fate as the Republican nominee.

This year, “Family Guy” is being submitted as an Outstanding Animated Program. In year’s past, the show was placed in the Outstanding Comedy category, and in 2009, was the first animated comedy to be nominated in that category, since “Flintstones” in 1961. It switched back to Animated Program in 2013. Through its eligible years, “Family Guy” has been nominated 13 times with five Emmy wins.

The animated comedy that famously pokes fun at pop culture and public figures is no stranger to edgy Emmy campaigns. In a previous year, “Family Guy” has put out FYC art that featured Peter Griffin dressed up as Chris Christie. The 2012 campaign targeted the stereotypical group of Academy voters, reading, “Come on, you bloated, underprivileged Brentwood Jews. Let us into your little club.”

Earlier this year, another animated Fox comedy, “The Simpsons,” poked fun at Trump and the rest of the presidential candidates.

See the full “Family Guy” Donald Trump spoof here: