Erin Andrews Will Focus on Football Coverage In New Fox Sports Contract

Erin Andrews

Erin Andrews will drop her coverage of Major League Baseball games and focus exclusively on National Football League events, under a new contract she has struck with Fox Sports.

A spokesman for the 21st Century Fox-owned outlet confirmed the details, which were reported previously by Sports Illustrated.

“We are thrilled that Erin will continue as our lead sideline reporter on the NFL on Fox’s ‘A-Team’ including our upcoming coverage of Super Bowl LI,” said John Entz, president of production for Fox Sports, in a statement. “We appreciate Erin’s great contributions to our MLB coverage. With her commitments beyond Fox Sports, we fully support Erin’s decision to focus her role here at Fox on the NFL.”

Fox Sports’ hire of Andrews in 2012 drew significant attention. She had risen to popularity at Disney-owned rival ESPN.

Andrews will have plenty to handle in coming months. Fox will broadcast Super Bowl LI next year.