Save the date because “Empire” will feature a wedding and a marriage this season, showrunner Ilene Chaiken tells Variety.

Chaiken spilled the scoop Tuesday morning during an interview teasing the upcoming episode — the wedding won’t happen this week, but Chaiken promises it’s coming during the current second season.

“You can expect a wedding and there will be a marriage. We can expect that this season,” she said.

Chaiken did not reveal who will be getting married, but there are many contenders. With no knowledge of the upcoming nuptials, this Variety reporter is laying out a few options:

  • Cookie (Taraji P. Henson) and Lucious (Terrence Howard): The Lyons have been warming up to each other — the former husband-and-wife duo divorced while Cookie was in jail, but they share three sons and one major music company. Marriage 2.0? Anything is possible.
  • Hakeem (Bryshere Gray) and Laura (Jamilla Velazquez): The young lovebirds recently slept together for the first time and swapped those three big words. No woman has ever gotten Hakeem to settle down like Laura has. From the second Laura was introduced, Chaiken insisted, “Hakeem appears to genuinely care for Laura in the most authentic way he’s ever cared for anyone. Laura is a relationship with someone who can be a real life partner for her. He cares for her, and I would venture that he loves her.”
  • Jamal (Jussie Smollett) and Michael (Rafael de la Fuente): The two men are currently broken up, but as Chaiken previously told Variety, “You can certainly expect to see Michael back in Jamal’s life — I’m not going to say whether it’s a rekindling of romance. It’s a relationship that will never go away. They’re two people who share so much and understand one another so deeply, so they’ll continue to play a role in one another’s lives.”
  • Lucious and Harper (Annie Ilonzeh): Though she’s a new character, the stunning journalist clearly knows how to get a story, so perhaps she knows how to get a ring on her finger, too? Chaiken teased a possible romance last week, saying, “There certainly could be. It’s all in the mix.”
  • Becky (Gabourey Sidibe) and J Poppa (Mo McRae): We haven’t seen Becky’s rapper boyfriend for a while, but Sidibe told Variety he’ll be back this season. “You get to peek a little bit more into her love life and into her relationship with her rapper boyfriend,” she said in this video interview. “He comes back and you get to see how successfully or unsuccessfully she may be able to juggle that relationship with what she does for a living.”
  • Porsha (Ta’Rhonda Jones) and ???: She hasn’t had a love interest yet, but she may have one coming up. The actress recently teased, “She could possibly, maybe, have a love interest — a boo!”
  • Tiana (Serayah) and ???: Tiana also hasn’t had a man around for quite some time, but Serayah says that doesn’t last for long. Last month she revealed, “Her love life — no one really knows, right? We get towards the end — that changes. So keep an eye out for the couple ending episodes.”
  • Hakeem and Anika (Grace Gealey): She is pregnant with his baby, after all…


Speaking of Anika’s pregnancy, that storyline has gone on the back burner, but will be come to forefront very soon. Chaiken says Boo Boo Kitty won’t be able to hide her bun in the oven for much longer — in fact, she’ll start to show in episode No. 14, which airs on April 20, Variety has learned.

“Let’s say Anika will no longer be able to keep her pregnancy a secret and she’s going to figure out what the hell to do,” Chaiken says. In other words: “Empire” could have a wedding, marriage and a baby this season.

Who do you think will get married? Drop a comment below with your theories!