Empire” returns with the back half of its second season Wednesday night, and after a three-month hiatus, much has changed in the world of the Lyons.

The cast and producers of Fox’s hit show spoke to Variety earlier this month, teasing what’s the come for their characters in the remaining eight episodes of the season.

Watch the video below for Season 2 scoop, and read below for highlights:

Could Lucious and Cookie rekindle the flame?

“I think Cookie and Lucious, they love each other. Cookie says that there’s a bond between them that could never be broken and I do feel like the fans are always hoping that it could reignite and I think that’s something that’s fun to play with.” — Sanaa Hamri, director-exec producer

“You can expect a lot of connection between Cookie and Lucious. I’m not going to say whether or not you can expect romance, but there’s always going to be a spark between them, and they’re always going to gravitate and whenever either of them seems on the brink of finding happiness elsewhere, you know the other one is going to swoop in and mess it up.” — Ilene Chaiken, showrunner-exec producer

Will Rhonda and Andre lose the baby?

“It could be heart-wrenching. It’s real, it’s devastating. It’s something that I think people will resonate with because of the reality of the situation.” — Trai Byers, Andre

What’s coming up for Rhonda, after her fall?

“There are some interesting alliances that happen at Empire that you would not expect with Rhonda. She actually goes to work for Camilla, and she finds out who pushes her and confronts that person, and that’s the final cliffhanger in very dramatic, scary, insane final moments of the show. It’s an awesome payoff because the audience is waiting for the for eight episodes so when she finally is like, ‘I know who it is,’ and no one believes her so she’s alone. That confrontation is an amazing payoff.” — Kaitlin Doubleday, Rhonda

Did Anika push Rhonda down the stairs?

“I think that that’s probably everyone’s theory and that’s a logical theory…what I will say is keep watching, you might just be surprised.” — Grace Gealey, Anika

Speaking of Anika, when will Hakeem find out she’s pregnant with his baby?

“Definitely the second half [of the season]…I think it’s going to be really interesting to see how that dynamic shifts things.” — Grace Gealey

Will Hakeem fall for Camilla (again)?

“She’s older, he’s young, so I don’t know how that’s going to work. Laura’s still around — he loves her!” — Bryshere Gray, Hakeem

Will Jamal and Michael get back together?

“Jamal and Michael have a love that they can’t run away from. It’s like your first love — you never really get over it. It’s gonna come back and there’s going to be a little moment.” — Rafael de la Fuente, Michael

Any love interests coming up for Porsha, Becky or Tiana?

“She could possibly, maybe have a love interest — a boo!” — Ta’Rhonda Jones, Porsha

“You get to peek a little bit more into her love life and into her relationship with her rapper boyfriend (Mo McRae). He comes back and you get to see how successfully or unsuccessfully she may be able to juggle that relationship with what she does for a living.” — Gabourey Sidibe, Becky

“Tiana is going on her own headlining tour so you’re going to see her performing and looking glamorous and fabulous and, more than ever, you’re going to see her owning who she is and being comfortable in her skin … Her love life — no one really knows, right? We get towards the end — that changes. So keep an eye out for the couple ending episodes.” — Serayah, Tiana