Jimmy Kimmel’s show open at Sunday’s Emmy Awards included a surprise appearance by Jeb Bush. The former GOP presidential candidate was the only non-actor cameo in the pre-taped piece, and it showed. Bush flubbed many lines but appeared to have a great time, cracking himself up a few times.

Check out the hilarious blooper reel below, which includes prop issues that plagued the casts of “Veep” and “Modern Family,” and even Kimmel himself.


In the open that actually aired, Bush and Kimmel set the tone for the show with this funny exchange:

“Are you nominated?” Bush asked Kimmel, who was seeking a ride downtown to the Primetime Emmy Awards ceremony.

“I am, yeah,” the host replied.

“Wow, what’s that like?” the former governor asked.

“It’s nice,” Kimmel replied.

When asked if he could win, Kimmel answered, “Well, there’s a lot of competition. Probably not.” (Editors note: He didn’t).

Bush responded, “Here’s what I know, If you run a positive campaign, the voters will ultimately make the right choice.”

Watch the finished video below.

While the Bush bit didn’t directly call out Donald Trump, the Republican presidential candidate was mentioned by name many times in the show, including Kimmel’s monologue, where he blamed “Apprentice” creator Mark Burnett for unleashing the “Donald Trump phenomenon.”

Backstage, Trump faced even more skewering, with “Transparent’s” Jill Soloway comparing the candidate to Adolf Hitler.