‘Apprentice’ Editor Says Trump Made Lewd Comments About Women Between Takes

Donald Trump

The supervising editor on the first six seasons of “The Apprentice” says that Donald Trump would make comments about women between takes on the set like “I’d like to drill her,” and also made comments about women “he found less attractive,” according to a story posted on Wednesday in CineMontage, the journal of the Motion Picture Editors Guild.

The editor, Jonathon Braun, who was also co-producer for one season, recalled that Trump’s “favorite word was ‘drill.’ He was always saying between takes, ‘I’d like to drill her,’ lewdly referring to female crew members working on set. He couldn’t help himself making comments about women and the way they looked. He also had comments about women he found less attractive. There was no question he took the men a lot more seriously than the women.”

Braun, however, said that he was unsure if Trump’s comments were captured on camera and then left on the cutting room floor.

A spokeswoman for the Trump campaign, Hope Hicks, said, “More fiction from Hollywood’s finest.”

Earlier on Wednesday, an outside attorney for MGM Television, which owns the footage, suggested that they were prevented from releasing the additional footage because of confidentiality agreements and artist contracts. The curiosity over the footage escalated after the leak of 2005 “Access Hollywood” footage in which Trump makes lewd and vulgar comments to co-host Billy Bush. Trump apologized for the remarks.

Queries about “The Apprentice” footage only increased after another member of the show’s production team, Bill Pruitt, said on Twitter on Saturday, “As a producer on seasons 1 & 2 of #theapprentice I assure you: when it comes to the #trumptapes there are far worse.”

The CineMontage story also quoted Braun and other editors on the show who said that Trump’s appearances required heavy editing to make him look good.

Another editor in the initial seasons of the show, Pamela Malouf, said that “anything I ‘heard’ about Trump was hearsay and although I did edit an occasional scene with Trump, nothing I saw was abnormal or offensive or even worthy of note,” she added. “I never saw Trump be anything other than a consummate professional in the material I worked on.”