Late-night hosts were quick to react Friday to the bombshell release of a 2005 recording of Donald Trump making lewd and misogynistic comments about women in an off-mic conversation with then-“Access Hollywood” host Billy Bush.

Samantha Bee and Stephen Colbert rushed out short videos via social media addressing the snowballing controversy that reportedly has Republican officials assessing the prospect that Trump may not even make it to Nov. 8 as the party’s nominee.

Bill Maher took aim at Trump in the live airing of HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher.” “Even Bill Cosby today was like ‘At least I’m thoughtful enough to give them a drug in their drink,'” Maher said.

ABC’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live” aired a rerun Friday. TBS’ “Conan” and Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show with Trevor Noah” don’t air on Friday.

Jimmy Fallon, who is believed to have taped Friday’s “Tonight Show” just as the audio tape surfaced in a report by the Washington Post, did not address the recording in his monologue. The episode did feature a segment with Fallon impersonating Trump attempting to court female and African-American voters by cold-calling Tyler Perry’s Madea character.

Fallon took some heat last month for a breezy interview he did with Trump at a time when the candidate’s positions on political and social issues have become increasingly polarizing.

Colbert taped Friday’s edition of CBS’ “The Late Show” show on Thursday, before the recording captured during the taping of an “Access Hollywood” segment surfaced. But Colbert clearly couldn’t resist the chance to weigh in on what he called “the motherload, the El Dorado of Donald Trump misogyny gold.”

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Colbert’s two-and-a-half minute video appeared to be taped at his home in New Jersey. It ends with a no-holds-barred commentary from the host.

“Here’s what I really found disgusting,” Colbert says. “Trump says in the video when you’re a star they let you get away with anything, and unfortunately, that’s true. Because Donald Trump is the Republican nominee. Hopefully someday you’ll be telling the story of how he tried to f—- America, and failed.”

Bee released a 30-second parody of Trump’s remarks, substituting comments about men and male anatomy for Trump’s shocking comments about forcing himself on women he found beautiful. She followed it up with a lengthy statement of apology that spoofed Trump’s statement claiming that Bill Clinton, former president and husband of the Democratic nominee, had made even more vulgar remarks to him on the golf course.

Even David Letterman weighed in on Friday night.

During a New Yorker Festival chat, the former “Late Show” host called the GOP candidate “racist” and a “damaged human being.”

Letterman added that keeping up with the election was better suited for the current crop of hosts, saying, “While it might be fun here and there to drop something in, I don’t know if I’d have the stamina for a full plate of Trumpy night in and night out.”

Trump has since issued an apology for his comments.