Among the big losers in Tuesday night’s election are the self-important Hollywood liberals who unsuccessfully tried to push their values and their candidate, Hillary Clinton, down the throats of average Americans, Greg Gutfeld declared in a Fox News commentary Wednesday.

“For once, Republicans won a culture war,” Gutfeld told viewers of the Fox program “The Five,” a day after Donald J. Trump defeated Clinton for the presidency. “And it was against smug celebs who think you were inferior. But I guess now the feeling is mutual. To us you’re just overpaid preachers.”

Gutfeld used the post-election program to renew a theme he has harped on repeatedly through the campaign. His words were in stark contrast to those of Hollywood liberals, who said in interviews and via social media Wednesday that they were mourning Clinton’s loss and regrouping, but not backing down.

Gutfeld targeted several of Clinton’s celebrity backers for disdain — mocking Lady Gaga (pictured beside a Rolls Royce) as “a woman of the people,” calling Katy Perry “Che in a thong,” and chuckling over the idea of stars leaving the country because of the Trump victory.

“So thank you, Mr. Trump, for making Lena Dunham move to Canada,” said Gutfeld. “She’ll be the least popular Canadian export since acid rain. And I’m not even sure, I think she might exceed acid rain.”

The author and political satirist also took on another Clinton backer, singer Bruce Springsteen, who helped the Democrat close her campaign with a Philadelphia concert. “Who knew that Donald Trump is more in touch with the working man than Bruce Springsteen,” Gutfeld said. “Bruce Springsteen has made his life as the voice of the working man. And it’s actually Trump.”

Gutfield got co-host Eric Bolling to renew his pledge to pay the (first class) air fare of any celebrities leaving the country. “America doesn’t care what you think,” Gutfeld said of the Hollywood elite.

Hollywood political activists tried to console themselves with silver linings and pledges to keep fighting for issues they believe in.

Academy Award-winning actress Patricia Arquette, an outspoken feminist, tweeted a single word admonition: “Onwards.” Actress America Ferrera took heart in the election loss of Joe Arpaio, the Arizona sheriff notorious for his crackdowns on immigrants. “Here’s how we react to hateful and divisive people in elected positions,” Ferrera tweeted. “We keep showing up and we vote them out. Way to go Arizona!” Ferrera also retweeted the words of Planned Parenthood leader Cecile Richards, pledging to protect women’s reproductive rights.

When the results became clear in the wee hours of Wednesday morning, pop star Perry tweeted: “Do not sit still. Do not weep. MOVE. We are not a nation that will let HATE lead us.” Laura Dern quoted the words of Helen Keller: “We would never learn to be brave if there were only joy in the world.”

And actress and director Elizabeth Banks took heart in an electoral map showing that young people, ages 20 to 25, had voted 80% for Clinton. She said she explained to her four-year-old that she was crying on election night “because there’s so much hope in the world,” adding: “Thank you, young people for giving me that feeling. You are the future and your voice matters. Keep at it.”