Remember the timid lawyer with a secret double life that Marvel and Netflix introduced with the first season of “Daredevil” last year? Expect him to have a lot more swagger when the new season launches on Netflix tomorrow.

“Daredevil is functioning fantastically way in Hell’s Kitchen,” said lead actor Charlie Cox during a press briefing at Netflix’s offices in Los Gatos, Calif., on Thursday. “He’s just able to enjoy the work that he is doing.”

Except, the good times won’t last forever — and this time, things are getting a bit more complicated, with executive producer and co-showrunner Doug Petrie promising a lot more gray areas between good and evil. “Matt Murdock has really provoked Hell’s Kitchen,” he said. “This guy stirred the pot.”

Added Cox: “The emotional journey is more extreme.”

“What I love about Matt is that he’s like a walking contradiction,” said Cox about the lawyer by day and vigilante by night. “In some senses, he’s playing god. He’s messing with other people’s destiny.”

Cox, Petrie and his co-showrunner Marco Ramirez said that they all considered the show as one particular take on the “Daredevil” story. “I often find that we talk about this Matt Murdock. Not just Matt Murdock,” said Cox.

“We don’t want to be a karaoke cover band,” added Petrie. “We’ve been able to treat this like this is our run of Daredevil.”

Asked about the difference between a regular TV release and Netflix, Cox said that viewing and talking about shows in general has changed. “There is a respect now for spoilers that there wasn’t,” he said.

Petrie and Ramirez added that they are seeing binge-watching as a huge positive, as it allows them to have viewers that are much more deeply immersed in a show. Said Petrie: “We never have to elbow people in the ribs and say: ‘Did you get it?’ ”

“It’s like being a kid and having a stack of comics,” Ramirez said about binge-watching. And Petrie added: “We would like nothing more than you going to work the next day and looking like crap.”