The nation’s big TV news outlets moved quickly to cover the terror attacks that took place in Brussels while many U.S. citizens were asleep.

Most of the broadcast and cable-news networks used their morning programs to anchor coverage. CBS’ “CBS This Morning,” NBC’s “Today” and ABC’s “Good Morning America” highlighted the attacks and included special reports. CBS News said its CBSN streaming outlet began coverage at 4:10 a.m, while “CBS This Morning” began at 6 a.m. and has continued coverage. NBC News said its Brussels coverage started at 5 a.m., while sister cable outlet MSNBC began at 4 a.m. ABC News said its live coverage began at 4 a.m.

The capital of Belgium was hit by two coordinated blasts, one in its subway and another at its airport, resulting in 28 deaths known on Tuesday morning. The attack is believed to be the deadliest in the country, which borders France, since World War II. The outburst is sure to weigh on the jockeying in the campaign for U.S. president and play a role in short-term foreign and military policy.

CBS said reporter Charlie D’Agata is in Brussels, while NBC News had Kelly Cobiella stationed there. ABC News has correspondent Alexander Marquardt and chief foreign correspondent Terry Moran on the ground.

Bill Neely, Thomas Roberts, Kelly O’Donnell, Gabe Gutierrez, Ayman Mohyeldin, Chris Hayes, Cal Perry, Stephanie Gosk, Erica Hill, Claudio Lavagna, and contributor Chris Dickey  are among the NBC News and MSNBC personnel who have been tapped to contribute to coverage, and many of them are making their way to Brussels on Tuesday. Chris Jansing is traveling to Paris.

ABC News said it will devote a special broadcast of its evening-news program “World News Tonight” to the coverage.