This post contains spoilers for the “Blindspot” Season 2 premiere, titled “In Night So Ransomed Rogued.”

NBC’s “Blindspot” returned with a bang on Wednesday night, with our tattooed heroine, Jane Done (Jaimie Alexander), escaping from a CIA black site after three months of being tortured for her involvement in the events of last season, which left FBI Assistant Director Mayfair dead. Despite going on the run, it didn’t take long for Jane to reunite with her team, who — despite their obvious trust issues — still work better with her than without her.

The action-packed hour moved fast, and soon Jane was going undercover to infiltrate “Sandstorm,” the organization that set the whole series in motion — a risky plan conceived by Archie Panjabi’s Nas Kamal, the head of a covert NSA division that had been tracking the terrorist group since before Jane was found in a bag in Times Square in the series premiere. Following a risky jaunt through a DUI checkpoint and hospital with Sandstorm operative Roman (Luke Mitchell), Jane was soon getting face time with the mysterious Shepherd (Michelle Hurd), who revealed herself to be Jane’s adoptive mother, and Roman as Jane’s biological brother.

In addition to learning a big chunk of backstory about Jane’s childhood (she was born in South Africa and her real name was Alice Kruger), the episode also put Jane back between a rock and a hard place, caught between the people revealed to be her true family and the team that became her makeshift one last season because of her connection with Kurt Weller (Sullivan Stapleton), with both sides expecting her to spy on the other.

If that wasn’t exciting enough, the Season 2 premiere also featured some of the biggest set pieces and stunts seen in the series to date, and Variety has an exclusive look behind the scenes of the episode in 360 virtual reality, which allows fans to see what goes into making some of “Blindspot’s” toughest action scenes. The video is hosted by creator Martin Gero, who wrote and directed the premiere, and is NBC’s first behind-the-scenes VR project, which was also shot with full surround sound. Check it out below, and explore by clicking the four directional buttons in the top left corner, or by dragging your cursor over the video.