The cast of NBC’s tattoo-filled “Blindspot” was on hand Monday night at New York’s Paley Center for Media to discuss their hit series.

“Today Show” host Hoda Kotb moderated a panel with creator and exec producer Martin Gero, plus actors Sullivan Stapleton, Jaimie Alexander, Rob Brown, Audrey Esparza and Ashley Johnson, who shared juicy behind-the-scenes insight.

Jaimie Alexander, who plays the tattooed Jane Doe, leaves the body art on all week and as a result, gets hugs from sympathetic strangers.

“We’ve started shooting the season finale, so I leave my neck tat on overnight and it stays pretty well,” Alexander told the Paley audience. “On Mondays I put the neck on, and then whatever else we’re wearing, and then I leave the neck on all week with little touchups with the tattoo pen, and then I reapply the arms daily … I usually wear the tats home and get a lot of surprise hugs and people who are like, ‘You are going to be okay.’”

Alexander and Sullivan Stapleton enjoyed their characters’ big kiss.

“It was really good…and a lot of fun,” Stapleton said. With a laugh, Alexander added, “It didn’t suck. He’s a gentleman.”

Creator Martin Gero asked the universe for his show to air Monday’s at 10 p.m. after the “Voice” — and got his wish.

“It was a script I was really proud of,” Gero said. “When we were making the pilot, it was exhausting, but we really felt like we were onto something, and after a good take, I would literally say to myself, ‘Mondays at 10 after the voice. Mondays at 10 after the Voice.’”

Gero feels few creative restrictions from NBC.

“Sometimes you wish you could be like, ‘Oh sh-t,’ but aside from that, as far as content goes, as long as you don’t say the bad words, NBC is so open to us doing whatever we want on the show creatively. It’s not like we’ve felt constrained by the story.”

The New York Times crossword puzzle that Patterson (Ashley Johnson) solves in episode No. 17 came from the Monday, April 4, issue of the newspaper. 

Early on, “Blindspot” brought on David Kwong, who writes crossword puzzles for the New York Times, as a puzzle and magic consultant. “He’s a puzzle genius,” Gero said. “I think one of the things people like about the show is most of the puzzles can actually be solved.” For episode 17, the “Blindspot” producers reached out to Times puzzle editor Will Shortz. “He was immediately like, ‘Yeah, let’s do it.’ So ‘Got one Paterson’ was in last Monday’s real New York Times crossword.”

Gero and Johnson are really big fans of “The Bachelor.”

Gero confessed he loves “Broad City” and Hulu’s “Casual,” but especially “The Bachelor.” Gero and Johnson had a bet over who which woman would be chosen for the recent season finale. “Ashley went with her heart, and chose JoJo and she was wrong,” Gero said. “The loser had to go on Instagram, and say, ‘I’m wrong, and the other person has a better, deeper understanding of ‘The Bachelor.’ So a month later, she finally found some time to do it.”