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Things got strange on “The Late Late Show” Monday night as Benedict Cumberbatch read James Corden the scariest bedtime story of all: “The Story of the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election.”

Cumberbatch, who played Corden’s dad in the skit, read about “a lady who wanted to rule the kingdom very much, very, very much — some would say too much” who “wore a jacket of beige and trousers of beige and shoes of beige” — aka Hillary Clinton. The heroine got lost in the “scariest forest” filled with the news fox, trolls, and computers with emails, which she made disappear.

“Disappear, where did they go?” Corden asked.

“Nobody knows, son, but apparently neither did she,” Cumberbatch responded.

But none of those threats were are horrifying as “the big orange monster,” which had already swallowed 16 other monsters.

The “Doctor Strange” star pulled out his best Donald Trump impression, saying, “I’ll huff and I’ll puff and I’ll put a ban on all Muslims.”

The lady, fortunately, made it out of the forest, but the tale had an open ending as the narrator didn’t know if she made it to the beautiful White House.

“The big orange monster won’t grab me in the night, will he?” a terrified Corden asked before snuggling under the covers. When Cumberbatch insisted he was safe, Corden wondered “What about my p—-? Will he try to grab my p—-?” referring to his stuffed cat.