“Baywatch” producer Douglas Schwartz of Life’s a Beach Entertainment has optioned “Sunset Limo,” an original comedy series by helmer-scribe David Ponce de Leon (“Road to Juarez”). Inspired by actual events, “Sunset Limo” is based on the memoirs of a veteran limo driver who chauffeured Hollywood royalty for nearly three decades.

Described as an “adrenaline-fueled… ‘behind the scenes’ look at the inner world of Hollywood’s A-Listers, music industry elite and top business moguls,” “Sunset Limo” marks a return to the small screen for Schwartz who recently produced a feature film version of “Baywatch,” starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Zac Efron for Paramount Pictures, slated to bow next year. Schwartz is currently shopping “Sunset Limo” to the usual suspects, including networks, premium cable channels and streaming services.

Ponce de Leon and Jose Hendrickson, who penned Lionsgate heist comedy “Ladron que roba a ladron,” co-wrote the pilot script.

Ponce de Leon began his TV career in 1987 as a segment producer on Telemundo’s highest-rated show at the time, “Placas.” His feature film debut, “Road to Juarez,” starring William Forsythe and Mexico’s Adal Ramones (“Cantinflas”), was released in the U.S. by MouseTrap Films. Ponce de Leon’s previous pic, “Single Black Female” (aka “A Substitute for Love”) aired as a finalist on BET’s “Lens On Talent” series.

Ponce de Leon is managed by former ICM agent Larry Hummel. His partners at Millennium Crop Entertainment, Zachary Hunter and Ray Verduzco, will serve as associate producers. Thesps Pete Pano (“The Mentalist”) and David Nuesch (“Luck”) are attached as producers. Casting will be determined by which network or OTT picks up the series.