Amy Schumer is the latest catfish victim in a new episode of “Inside Amy Schumer.”

In a spoof of MTV’s “Catfish,” titled “Katfish,” Schumer brings in a knock-off Nev Schulman and Max Joseph after she believes a man she met in a chat room for ferret fanatics is posing as Jake Gyllenhaal.

“He’s been telling me that he loves me since week one but I’m pretty sure I’m being catfished,” Schumer said in her distress call before showing a picture of Gyllenhaal. “He just messaged me and he said you are the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen.”

After being denied chances to Facetime Gyllenhaal because “he’s so busy” and has “to read a Hollywood movie script,” Schumer is ready to face this mystery man head on.

When she arrives at the home, her online mystery buddy is none other than Gyllenhaal. “Amy, hi. My God it is so great to finally meet you,” said Gyllenhaal.

But, it turns out Schumer isn’t the one being catfished. She is doing the catfishing. Schumer set up the elaborate ruse to get famous on the TV show.

“Why are you ruining my episode of ‘Katfish?'” asked Schumer. “So, like when does this air?”

Her world is turned upside down when she finds out she will not get her big “Katfish” debut she was looking for — because she wasn’t actually catfished.

The episode also features Broad City’s Paul Downs and premieres on Thursday’s episode on Comedy Central.