The chilling denizens from three seasons of “American Horror Story” will terrorize visitors at Universal Studios’ annual Halloween Horror Nights event this year.

Guests will embark on a chilling journey to become the next doomed residents of Murder House from Installment 1, tortured performers in the disturbing and twisted Freak Show from Installment 4, and victims of the Countess and her otherworldly, death-dealing Hotel from Installment 5 when the multi-night event kicks off at Universal Studios Hollywood and Universal Orlando Resort on Sept. 16.

The “AHS” chapters will come together in one all-new maze.

Twisted scenes from “Murder House” will unleash the evil spirits that possess the Harmon estate, sending guests through decades of the tortured dead who previously resided there. In “Freak Show,” guests will join a troupe of biological misfits in a sinister sideshow where they’ll be stalked by the murderous and deformed Twisty the Clown. Finally, guests will succumb to the warped desires of The Countess after checking in to the haunted Hotel Cortez, conceived from the beginning as a torture chamber for its customers.

“‘American Horror Story’ is one of the most disturbing television shows ever produced, and with such perverse storylines unfolding with each installment, ‘Halloween Horror Nights’ is undoubtedly the only place that could create a living version of the nightmares that Ryan Murphy dreams up,” said John Murdy, creative director at Universal Studios Hollywood and executive producer of “Halloween Horror Nights.”

The grisly maze will debut just two days after Season 6 of “AHS” premieres on Sept. 14, and the new installment is set to keep fans guessing for weeks, since FX is choosing to keep the season’s theme a secret until the premiere.