The “Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD” Season 3 finale is promising at least one major death as the show hurtles towards the ominous premonition that Daisy had earlier this season, which saw one member of the team trapped in space as an explosion engulfed their ship.

Co-creator Jed Whedon teases that the impact of the finale’s death will be “profound,” telling Variety, “We don’t want to tip anything, but it’s not a buy-back; we really do commit to putting our characters through a game-changing event.”

“SHIELD’s” season finales are always pretty eventful – and the past two have centered around the shifting alliances and unpredictable motivations of former agent Grant Ward, who died at the end of this year’s midseason finale and subsequently had his body taken over by the powerful Inhuman parasite known as Hive.

Brett Dalton, the man behind Hive (and dearly departed Ward), previews that when compared to the previous finales, the Season 3 denouement “blows them out of the water – it takes the bar that we’ve set and just throws it – though I guess you wouldn’t do that with a bar, you’d just continue to raise it. This gets on a ladder and raises the bar,” he tells Variety with a laugh. “It’s pretty crazy, I do think we’ve outdone ourselves. Our finales are pretty crazy, but this turns it to 11.”

Last week’s episode saw the Inhuman Lash (formerly known as Andrew Garner, Agent May’s ex-husband) cure Daisy of the mental hold Hive had over her, sacrificing himself in the process. Daisy’s mind may be clear again, but that doesn’t mean that the team is wholly ready to trust her, since Hive will undoubtedly want to get her back on his side — or remove her from the board altogether — as he prepares for an Inhuman takeover.

“She’s the most valuable piece in terms of taking down Coulson and SHIELD, so I think he’s taking extra-special care with her,” Dalton says of Hive’s relationship with Daisy. As for what her recent escape means for Hive’s ultimate goal, he admits, “I’m used to things not working out as planned, but this is a pretty big danger, and could possibly spell disaster if she’s not contained, because now she knows my plan, she knows my secrets, she knows everything.”

The “Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD” Season 3 finale airs Tuesday, May 17 at 9 p.m. on ABC. Come back to Variety after the episode airs on the West Coast for a postmortem interview that will break down the impact of the episode’s death and the other twists in the finale.

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