24: Legacy” is off to a good start.

In its first 24 hours, the first full trailer for Fox’s upcoming “24” revival reached 7 million views on Facebook. This morning, the trailer has clocked in at 10 million views on the social platform and is growing at a rapid rate.

The trailer was released Tuesday evening on during the first game of the World Series on Fox, on YouTube and across the show’s social platforms. The 45-second video features star Corey Hawkins in an action-packed clip that previews the new series, which will chronicle a race against the clock to stop a devastating terrorist attack on United States soil.

The early traction is a strong sign of public interest in “24: Legacy.” In the ultra competitive era of Peak TV when viewers have limitless content choices and multiple viewership platforms, Facebook views are an important indicator of audience awareness and a show’s potential success.

Earlier this year, the trailer for NBC’s “This Is Us” performed incredibly strongly on Facebook and now, has become the fall’s biggest new hit. This week, the “24: Legacy” trailer is growing at a faster pace than the “This Is Us” trailer on Facebook.

Fox is putting a lot behind “24: Legacy.” The hotly anticipated series will debut after the ratings goldmine that is the Super Bowl on Sunday, Feb. 5. The two-night premiere continues on Monday, Feb. 6.

Watch the trailer again here: