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‘11.22.63’ Episode 5 Recap: Jake Bears All in ‘The Truth’

Spoiler warning: Do not read on unless you’ve seen “11.22.63,” episode 5, titled “The Truth.”

Episode five begins right where episode four left off: Sadie confronting Jake after finding a recording in his basement of Oswald and Marina speaking Russian.

Sadie makes a pretty wild first leap after finding the recording. “Everything you say is a lie,” she tells him as Jake tries to explain. While that’s mostly true, Sadie may have skipped a few steps between finding a recording of a couple speaking Russian and accusing Jake of being a serial liar. Though her experience with previous men, namely Johnny Clayton, has put her justifiably on edge and she has no time for questionable character. She storms off before Jake can explain.

The next day Jake finds out that Sadie spilled the beans on his Russian recording to Principal Deke. Between this and the brothel incident, Deke invokes the morality clause in Jake’s contract and has him fired.

Though unemployment is an issue, Jake has bigger concerns. The day of General Walker’s assassination attempt is almost here. Jake knows the breakdown of how it will go: Walker will be shot through a window while sitting at his desk, though he won’t suffer more than some shrapnel in the arm. Jake and Bill investigate the area and learn a nearby church service gets out at 9 p.m., which will allow the shooter to get away. Bill questions why Lee would even care about assassinating both Walker and Kennedy as they are polar opposite political figures. Jake says it doesn’t matter. What does is whether or not Lee shoots. If he does, they’ll take him out.

The two prepare for everything in case the past tries to fight back. Checking spare tires, changing spark plugs, the two have thought of everything they could do to prepare. However, Jake soon gets a call from Johnny Clayton that he’s holding Sadie hostage in her home. Panicked, Jake tells Bill he has to handle the Walker assassination alone as he runs to Sadie’s rescue.

Jake is invited into the home cordially enough, but finds Sadie sitting at the kitchen table with a gash on her face and a gun to her head. Johnny informs Jake he had allowed Sadie to leave for a bit to find herself, but then learned she had “stained herself” with an affair. As a door-to-door bleach salesman, Johnny informs Jake that stains can be cleaned. Which is why he offers Jake a glass of bleach.

Jake refuses and Sadie knocks a glass bowl of apples to the floor which does nothing to calm Johnny. While the salesman threatens Sadie, Jake slowly works a shard of glass toward him. He nearly has it in his hand when the doorbell rings.

Bill, meanwhile, has a smoke with Marina instead of getting an early start and heading to Walker’s. They bond a bit more (he shows her a picture of his dead sister) and then Oswald finds them. Bill asks Oswald if he wants to talk and Oswald offers Bill a book by Karl Marx and tells him they’ll have something to talk about if he reads it. Bill asks if it is good.

“How’s the truth?” Lee responds.

Turns out the doorbell was rung  by a couple of kids from the school who were dropping off a gift basket. Jake shoos them away and returns to the table, his chance to get the glass shard gone. He nearly succumbs and drinks the bleach but instead tosses the drink into Johnny’s face and pulls Sadie into the living room.

Blinded, Johnny fires around the room while the two hostages hide behind a couch. Johnny’s shots start closing in on the two until Jake throws his watch across the room. Johnny turns and Jake takes the opportunity to introduce a fire poker to the salesman’s face. Sadie uses Johnny’s gun and shoots him as well and that’s that.

Sadie is taken to the hospital but Jake is held up by a cop who wants a statement. Deke arrives and charms the cop into letting Jake get a statement later.

In Dallas, Oswald leave home, telling his wife he is off to the library. Bill is outside Walker’s place looking for the killer. The church service gets out right on time, but with the added appearance of Bill’s sister among the crowd. Distraught, Bill runs after his sister and realizes it was a mistake as soon as he reaches her. The past had created an illusion to stop Bill from changing history. Then a gunshot cuts through the air and the only evidence that could have linked Oswald to Kennedy is gone.

Jake is questioned by the cops back at the hospital, who initially consider him a suspect, but after he explains “it felt great when I cracked his skull because he deserved it,” the cops believe him. At this point Jake has killed two people on the excuse that they “deserved it” with at least one more to go.

Then Jake sees a wounded Walker enter the hospital. He calls Bill, who is crying and shaken. He messed up. They both know he did, but Jake realizes that he is as much to blame because he went to Sadie instead of dealing with the shooter. He leaves the phone hanging and walks away without saying anything to Bill.

A doctor comes by and apologizes to Jake that they couldn’t fully heal the gash on Sadie’s face and she’ll have a scar. Jake could care less about the scar and runs to her. He’s tired of lying. He bears all to Sadie.

“I’m from the future,” he says. He lets her know everything else is true, including the fact that he loves her. Sadie says it’s a bit quick considering they just technically met.

“Well, it’s good to meet you,” Jake responds.

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