LevelK and Mondrian Entertainment have joined forces to handle international sales on 3D animation series “Klump,” which is made by Studio Soi and based on the Rasmus Klump book series.

One of Denmark’s top literary exports, the Rasmus Klump books have sold more than 32 million copies and have been described as the Indiana Jones for kids.

Directed by Johannes Weiland, Paul Cichon, Michael Bohnenstingl, the toon series turns on the adventures of Klump and his friends as they travel the world and come across creatures, fascinating locations and challenges.

“Klump,” produced by Carsten Bunte from Studio and Lars Sylvest from Mondrian Entertainment, was commissioned by ZDF and Egmont. Season three and four are now in development. The series has just won the best animated series award at ITFS (International Trick Film Festival in Stuttgart).

Studio Soi is the Danish outfit behind Oscar-nominated “The Gruffalo” and BAFTA-winning “Gumball.”