‘The Missing’ Writers Harry and Jack Williams Unveil Thriller ‘Liar’

'The Missing' was nominated for an Emmy, BAFTA and Globe

'The Missing' Writers Unveil New Thriller
Courtesy of Starz

LONDON — In the European Co-production Forum of next week’s Series Mania, a festival in Paris dedicated to TV drama, a new project will be presented from brothers Harry and Jack Williams, the writers of child-abduction thriller “The Missing.”

The six-part miniseries “Liar,” which will be presented in Paris by distributor All3Media Intl. It will shoot in the fall in Bath, West England.

The story centers on schoolteacher Laura, who is asked on a date by Andrew, the handsome single father of a child in her class. She’s initially reluctant as she’s only just broken up with her boyfriend. But to her surprise, she and Andrew have a great evening. He ends up coming back to her place to call a taxi. Cut to the next morning. Laura is lying in bed, a hollow look in her eyes. She goes to her sister’s house — to tell her that she has been raped.

Andrew doesn’t deny that he and Laura slept together, but he furiously denies that it was rape. As the series unfolds, we start to question whether Laura’s account of what happened is to be believed or if she’s deliberately targeting an innocent man.

“Liar” is a “compelling and deeply emotional thriller.” “It is a timely and frightening dissection of the politics of consent, the burden of proof and the destructive power of social justice,” All3Media states.

The miniseries is the first full production from the Williams brothers’ production company, Two Brothers Pictures, which was established in 2012. “The Missing,” which made a big impact on the British drama scene, is now filming its second season in Brussels. The show, which they produced with New Pictures, aired on the BBC in the U.K. and Starz in the U.S. The Wall Street Journal described it as “a hard-charging, unfailingly suspenseful mystery.” It was nominated for an Emmy, a BAFTA and a Golden Globe.

Alongside the drama output are comedies “Fried” and “Tripped.” Further dramas are in development.