MipTV: Spain’s Imira Teams With Italy’s Dami for ‘Dummysaurs’ (EXCLUSIVE)

Imira also distributes ‘Dummysaurs’ internationally

Courtesy of Imira Entertainment

In an early MipTV announcement, Spain’s Imira Entertainment is teaming with Italy’s Dami Just For Kids Factory to co-produce sitcom “Dummysaurs.” Imira is distributing “Dummysaurs” worldwide.
Made up of 104 two-minute segs, the dialogue-free slapstick comedy has its first 13 episodes in production; the first two are to be shown at MipTV. In one, a gleeful dinosaur takes a bath at a prehistoric icy spa. It drops the soap, for a small dinosaur to step on it and take of into an inadvertent artistic skating routine. Imira is one of Spain’s biggest TV animation production and worldwide distribution companies. 90% of Imira’s turnover comes from outside Spain. Bought up by India’s Toonz Media Group, Imira continues to operate as an independent entity.
“We have big expectations for ‘Dummysaurs’: It’s a project which especially targets digital consumption via its short format, the kind of product that’s in a lot of demand as well as being pure non-dialogue comedy for all audiences,” said Imira CEO Sergi Reitg.
“Dummysaurs” is inspired by “a fun and easy concept with happy-go-lucky dinosaurs, made with a colorful design for the characters and background. A nowadays-stone age, with funny and unexpected gags that play on absurd situations, slapstic comedy and high-quality animation,” said Allegra Dami, at Milan’s Dami Just For Kids Factory, a kid edutainment company specialized in the creation of characters for multiple formats. Series production is taking place at the Maga animation studios located at Monza, 15 miles north-east of Milan.
Imira catalogue includes series such as “The Smurfs,” “Lola & Virginia,” “Planet Play” or “Speed Racer, The Next Generation.” Some of its recent productions, present at MipTV, are second seasons of live-action/toon hybrid “Jamillah & Aladdin” and creepy sitcom “Batpat.”