‘Homeland’ Writer Patrick Harbinson Pens Thriller ‘Fearless’ for ITV

Helen McCrory plays fearless lawyer Emma Blunt

'Homeland' Writer Patrick Harbinson Pens Thriller 'Fearless' for ITV
Courtesy of David Fisher/REX/Shutterstock

“Homeland” writer and executive producer Patrick Harbinson has penned political thriller “Fearless” for U.K. broadcaster ITV. The six-part miniseries will star Helen McCrory, who played Narcissa Malfoy in the “Harry Potter” films and appears in crime drama “Peaky Blinders.”

“Fearless” centers on Emma Blunt, a lawyer known for defending lost causes. She’s investigating the killing of a schoolgirl in rural England and trying to free the man she thinks was wrongly convicted of the girl’s murder. As she digs deeper into the case, she begins to sense powerful forces, in the police and the intelligence services at home and abroad, who want to stop her uncovering the truth.

“’Fearless’ is a legal thriller, but one that’s written in the crash zone where law and politics collide,” said Harbinson, whose credits include “ER” and “24.”

“National security justifies all sorts of police and state over-reach — and the great majority of us are prepared to accept this,” he added. “So I wanted to create a character who challenges these assumptions, who fights for those outside the normal run of society, and who is uncompromising, difficult, and completely indifferent to unpopularity and danger.”

“Fearless” is produced by Mammoth Screen, whose portfolio includes royal costume epic “Victoria,” starring “Doctor Who’s” Jenna Coleman, acclaimed Agatha Christie adaptation “And Then There Were None,” and BAFTA winning historical drama “Poldark.”

“Fearless” will be produced by Adrian Sturges and executive produced by Damien Timmer, Tom Mullens and Harbinson. It was developed by Rebecca Keane, and will be directed by BAFTA winner Pete Travis (“The Go-Between,” “Legacy,” “Omagh”). It will be distributed internationally by ITV Studios Global Entertainment.