Globo’s Telenovela Hit ‘Forever and Ever’ Launches at Natpe

Brazilian TV giant will also introduce to the market 'Boogie Oogie,' set in the disco music era, plus super-production 'Ambitious Women'

"Alto Astral" (“Forever and Ever”)

Brazilian media giant Globo is launching at Natpe 2016 new telenovela “Alto Astral” (“Forever and Ever”), a recent audience hit at Brazil’s leading channel, Rede Globo.

Broadcast during the 2014-2015 season, “Forever and Ever’s” 120 episodes averaged a strong 47% share and more than 22 million eyeballs.

A classic telenovela that enrolls supernatural elements, “Forever” narrates a love story between Caique, a Brazilian doctor (played by actor Sergio Guize, “Saramandaia”) and journalist Laura (Nathalia Dill, “Precious Pearl”). Caique is accustomed to drawing the face of a woman, even though he has never met her. Years later, he does meet Laura, the woman of his drawings. United by an overwhelming passion, the couple’s love will be tested by the wrath of Marcos, Caique’s jealous brother, which was engaged to Laura before they met. Marcos role is played by Thiago Lacerda (“Precious Pearl”).

Although set in the present day, “Forever and Ever’s” set designers were inspired by the architecture of the 1950’s to create the homes of some characters in the fictional city of Nova Alvorada, built at Globo’s Studios, in Rio de Janeiro.

At Natpe, Globo will also be introducing to the international market “Boogie Oogie,” a telenovela set in 1978 Brazil during the disco music era, and helmed by “Precious Pearl” and “Brazil Avenue” director Ricardo Waddington, and “Babilonia” (“Ambitious Women”), a thought-provoking, visceral super-production written by renowned scribe Gilberto Braga (“Irrational Heart”).

Narrating the encounter between two young women from opposing social classes who were switched at birth and compete for the love of the same man, “Boogie Oogie” aired over the 2014-2015 season at Rede Glob, punched a 43% share and 17 million viewers. Isis Valverde (“Brazil Avenue”), Bianca Bin (“Precious Pearl”) and Marco Pigossi (“Gabriela”) star.

Partially shot in Dubai and Paris, “Ambitious Women” centers on the clash between three strong women with very distinct personalities, in an intriguing story that portraits the different faces of ambition in a plot lavished with greed, revenge and power struggles.

Super-production’s high-profile Brazilian cast includes Gloria Pires (“Fight or Love?”), Adriana Esteves (“Brazil Avenue”), Camila Pitanga (“Side by Side”), and Fernanda Montenegro, 2013 International Emmy winner for her role in “Sweet Mother.” Aired on Rede Globo’s primetime in 2015, “Ambitious Women” scored a 32% share in its final episode, on August 28.