Game of Thrones” star Kit Harington is set to star in and produce a drama about Guy Fawkes for the BBC. The thriller, which has the working title “Gunpowder,” is based on a real-life Catholic plot (the so-called Gunpowder Plot) in 1605 in England, led by Fawkes, to blow up the Houses of Parliament in London and to kill King James I.

Endemol Shine’s Kudos will produce the show with Harington’s Thriker Films. The miniseries will comprise three hour-long episodes.

Neither the BBC nor Endemol Shine would confirm the report, which first appeared in Broadcast magazine.

Harington revealed earlier this year that he was related to Robert Catesby, one of the plotters, and that he was working on a screenplay about the events. He told the Guardian that he would like to produce TV shows, and had co-written three screenplays, two of which he had “sold”.

“I’d love to go back into a top-quality TV show, because that’s where storytelling is at its most exciting and dangerous at the moment,” he said. “Also, I’ve written three TV shows with my best friend, Dan West, two of which we have sold, so I would like to see myself producing. I met Dan at drama school — we live together and write together. It’s like a sexless marriage.”