PARIS — Discovery Networks Italy and Asia have acquired Alexis Marant’s investigative documentary “Terror Studios” from Paris-based Newen Distribution.

Produced by veteran documentary producer Jean-Marie Michel at Capa Presse, “Terror Studios” examines how the Islamic State uses storytelling techniques and imagery from Western culture, including Hollywood productions, to create propaganda that resonates with disillusioned young Westerners.

Through interviews with jihadist communication experts, industry insiders, filmmakers and academics, “Terror Studios” seeks to explain how ISIS has managed to borrow from popular culture to attract new recruits.

Newen Distribution has also sold the film to Movistar and RTVE in Spain, DR in Denmark, TVN in Poland, TeleQuebec in Canada, BeTV in Belgium, RTS in Switzerland and Yes in Israel.

Commissioned by French pay-TV network Canal Plus, “Terror Studios” will be broadcast on free-TV channel Nove in Italy and will be introduced by Roberto Saviano, the creator of the crime drama series “Gomorra.”

“‘Terror Studios’ is really impressive and describes, with strong images and exclusive interviews, ISIS’ refined use of media. We are very proud to present this important documentary to Italian audience on our [free-to-air] channel Nove enhanced by the precious participation of Roberto Saviano,” said Laura Carafoli, senior VP of programming and content at Discovery Italy.

In Asia, the documentary will roll out on Discovery Networks Asia-Pacific’s pay-TV channel.

Lynn Ng, the head of content strategy and acquisitions at Discovery Networks Asia-Pacific, called the film a “riveting examination of ISIS’ sophisticated use of media to spread their message of hate.”

“‘Terror Studios’ is a highly relevant piece of film-making Discovery is proud to have as part of our lineup,” added Ng.

The documentary will premiere tonight (Sept. 20) in France on primetime Canal Plus.