Miami-based Cisneros Media Distribution (CMD) is unveiling a host of innovative shows at NATPE, led by “Just Looking” (“Para Verte Mejor”) a 120-episode telenovela that can also be broken into a five-season romcom of 24 episodes each. “We incorporated five cliff hangers and more dynamic pacing so that it can be adapted into a series format,” said Marcello Coltro, EVP, Content Distribution. Adapting shows to new viewing habits on myriad platforms “is one of the challenges of the telenovela industry,” said Coltro who noted that a variety of shows have been in development the past eight months across three studio partners: Cisneros Studios, Mobius Lab and Venevision.

There are also fewer characters and subplots in “Just Looking” and CMD’s new family-friendly telenovela “Separated by Love” (Entre tu Amor y mi Amor”) to allow for binge-watching, a phenomenon that OTT leader Netflix has initiated. Both telenovelas are co-produced with Cisneros-owned Venezuelan broadcaster Venevision.

Among the new series from Miami-based Cisneros Studios is “Chronicles,” comprised of thematic seasons of 14 episodes each. The first season will dwell on the seven deadly sins (greed, wrath, envy, pride, sloth, gluttony, and lust) – two episodes per sin – while the second season will be inspired by actual serial killer cases. CMD is also presenting the new Cisneros Studios production of “Dr. Nancy” a 120-episode talk show hosted by psychologist-sexologist Dr. Nancy Alvarez.

Also being unveiled at Natpe are new non-fiction programs from Mobius Lab, which include in-depth news program “Hot Wire: End of Days,” Olympic special “Flame of Passion,” sports venue docu series “Fields of Glory,” athlete profile series “Super Humans” and kids educational program “Lil’ Genius.”

Night crawler series “SHAK, a co-production with Raishbrook Media Group of 30 26-minute episodes, features HD-shot live news coverage available in English or Spanish.

Coltro and Cisneros Media prexy Jonathan Blum lead a nine-executive team attending Natpe.