PARIS — Rod Henwood, the CEO of Banijay Group’s U.K., Belgium and Netherlands offices, is stepping down from Banijay following the company’s recent merger with Zodiak Media.

Henwood joined Zodiak Media in early 2014 and has served as CEO of the U.K., Belgium and Netherlands division, which comprises RDF, IWC, Touchpaper Television, Bwark, Comedy Unit, Zodiak Belgium and Zodiak Netherlands.

Announcing the departure, Marco Bassetti, Banijay Group CEO, said he enjoyed “working with Rod since the merger and (has been) discussing collaboratively over the summer how best to organize (their) activities, given the Group’s corporate location and Rod’s own aspirations.”

Bassetti noted Henwood’s exit was an “amicable conclusion to part company.”

Henwood concurred, “Now that the merger has been concluded and bedded down, and that the business is trading well within a Group whose corporate centre is in Paris, it makes sense from all our perspectives to make a change.”

Rod will continue in his current role until the end of November.

Earlier this year, Banijay Group and Zodiak Media merged their catalogs and production units to create one of the world’s biggest independent production and distribution companies with revenues of around $1 billion.