An ambitious Arabic version of “L.A. Law” is set to become the first legal procedural in the Middle East and the biggest TV series out of the United Arab Emirates.

Image Nation Abu Dhabi has announced that after a long gestation shooting has recently wrapped in Abu Dhabi on “Justice: Qalb Al Adala,” which is penned by U.S. scribe William Finklestein, who worked on the original NBC series, in collaboration with a local team. The groundbreaking show which transposes Sharia, or Quranic law, into the storylines, is produced by Image Nation Abu Dhabi.

Image Nation, which is run by U.S. exec Michael Garin (pictured), also announced it is now set to become the leading film and TV production entity unit within the Abu Dhabi Media Zone Authority, as part of an internal reorganisation announced today. Designating Image Nation as the top unit within the MZA will likely boost the production output of the United Arab Emirates where the once nascent film and TV industry is making bigger strides.

Former HBO Europe drama boss Marc Lorber acted as showrunner on “Justice,” which underwent a 75-day shoot.

The show has a strong female character who plays Farah, a Western-educated lawyer who, upon returning home to Abu Dhabi, goes against her family’s expectations that she will join her father’s law firm and instead strikes out on her own as a defence attorney.

Finklestein was brought in by Walter Parkes whose Parkes/MacDonald Productions has a partnership in place with Image Nation under which they jointly produced docu “He Named Me Malala,” and upcoming Tom Hanks thriller “The Circle,” among other titles.

Image Nation’s boosted role follows a banner year across the board for Abu Dhabi in terms of both local and international productions. The Abu Dhabi film commission lured the shoots of two major blockbusters, “Furious 7” and “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.”