The 10 Best Things About the ‘Jane the Virgin’ Finale

Jane the Virgin season 2 finale
Courtesy of the CW

How good was the second-season finale of the CW’s “Jane the Virgin”? Well, it managed to be perfect even though there were no scenes from “Tiago,” the Rogelio telenovela in which he travels through history bestowing his personal awesomeness on crucial moments in history.

Without further ado, here are 10 terrific moments from the “Jane the Virgin’s” exciting 44th installment.

  1. Jane and Rogelio riding the bus called back to the show’s premiere, of course, but instead of seeing her father on a bus poster, now Jane and Rogelio had to endure a talking Esteban poster (and Esteban is another telenovela star who is likely to eventually find out he made Xiomara pregnant, yikes). Not only was it a chance for Rogelio and Jane to share yet another tender father-daughter moment, it was true to the show’s working-class roots for Jane to show up to her wedding on a city bus, not in a Rolls Royce. #KeepingItReal 
  2. The show has always smartly chronicled Jane’s attempts to find balance among all the competing interests in her life. Her creativity and ambitions as a writer, her responsibilities as a mother, her family and her fiancee — all these things matter greatly to her, and Jane managed to keep all those plates spinning beautifully in one very busy day — a day that included a wedding that she was only a little late for. Not only did she get married, she persuaded the university committee to let her change her thesis topic and her makeup was on point. #TeamJane
  3. How bold of Jane to have peach flowers at her wedding. No wonder Rogelio was yelling at the florist — everyone knows he doesn’t pop in peach! #RogelioPopsInPurple
  4. How romantic was that late-night phone call between Michael and Jane? He knew that she still had a list of things they had to discuss before their wedding (with Jane, there is always a list), so he went through all of it with her step by step. I wrote recently about being #TeamRafael, but this sweet scene made me waver.
  5. Speaking of Rafael, it would have been disastrous if he had spoken up about his love for Jane moments before her wedding to Michael. As I wrote, Rafael is still in the process of growing up and shedding his spoiled rich-boy ways, and the fact that he knew it was better to put Jane’s happiness first means that he’s grown up a fair bit. Maybe I’m still #TeamRafael? I don’t know!
  6. But wait, Jane and Michael’s vows at the church basically destroyed me and left a pile of weepy goo in the place where my body used to be. We’ve been waiting for two years for Jane to get married to someone, and the ceremony did not disappoint. As delivered by the endlessly great Gina Rodriguez, Jane’s vows were moving, of course, but when Michael began saying his vows in Spanish, it was all over. The waterworks came on in the Ryan household in a big way. The fact that Michael looked over at Alba to make sure he was saying everything correctly indicated that those two had been working on these vows for some time, probably for months. OK, I give, I might actually be #TeamMichael now. Or maybe I’m #TeamBoth or #TeamConfused (but I’m always #TeamJane, no matter what).
  7. This was not a good thing, but it was pretty important: Michael was shot! Right in the heart! Wait, he can’t die now: not only would that be terrible, he and Jane haven’t even had sex yet (don’t judge me, you probably thought about this too). In any event, perhaps Melisandre from “Game of Thrones” is available for a visit and can pull a Jon Snow on Michael if he is indeed dead. Even if she can’t work her magic in Miami, this is a finale that also featured an evil twin, a surprise pregnancy and a crime lord’s return from the dead, so I’m am not that worried about Michael’s health. #TeamModerateWorries
  8. Not only did we get all of those exciting, romantic and suspenseful moments, Jane and Rogelio danced at the wedding reception, and that was possibly the most joyful moment of 2016 yet. I’ve watched entire runs of shows that didn’t provide the amount of pleasure that “Jane the Virgin” bestowed upon me in that one incredibly fun scene. #UpstagedBrunoMars #YeahISaidIt #PutTheDanceOnYouTube #DontMakeMeBeg #Please
  9. When Xiomara, Alba and Jane walked down the aisle together, you know what that moment was? One of my favorite superhero team-ups ever. #TeamVillanuevaWomen
  10. Don’t fight me on this: “Jane the Virgin,” which I recently called the best show on TV, just had two Hall of Fame seasons. That’s 44 episodes in the can, two entire seasons where the show only got better and stronger with time. There’s no question that that incredible run lands the show in the very highest tier of television quality (the rest of that tier — of shows currently airing — consists of “The Americans,” “Transparent” and “Rectify,” in my humble opinion). To put this in perspective, “Jane” has now given us more installments of TV than the entire runs of “Freaks and Geeks” (18 episodes) and “Deadwood” (36 episodes), and around this time next year, “Jane” will be within shouting distance of shows like “Breaking Bad” (62 episodes), “Justified” (78 episodes) and “Friday Night Lights” (76 episodes). I love all those shows very much, and I know they’re all very different from each other. But a lot of them had rocky patches or a number of dud episodes, but every single episode of “Jane” has been a keeper. Certainly this finale was terrific (even though it didn’t feature much of the narrator, who, like many of us during the finale, was too emotional for chitchat). This is the kind of rare and wonderful accomplishment we should celebrate: While churning out 22 episodes per season, “Jane” kept up an exceptional level of quality on top of bringing joy to many lives every week. That’s a Hall of Fame run. #Blessed

Now, how do we live for months without Rogelio, Jane and the rest of the gang? I’ve no idea. #LongestSummerEver