Maura Tierney dropped a tantalizing hint about season three of “The Affair” while she was still processing her win for her work in the Showtime drama’s second season at the Golden Globes.

“The show is going to change next season — the structure of the show is going to change in an exciting way,” she backstage after winning best actress in a series. That doesn’t mean adding any more perspectives for observing the same events — as the show does now through the prism of four characters. But she said it would involve the “narrative structure.”

When pressed for details, she cautioned that she’s not 100% sure that it is going to happen, but she assured that it would be “exciting.”

Tierney, a TV veteran who has long been a critical fan, expressed her gratitude to showrunner Sarah Treem and the writers for finding “the sweet spot for me as an actor” in season two.

“They presented me with really challenging things to do and I really wanted to be up to the challenge,” she said. “I think my work excited the writers and the writers’ work excited me.”