5 Embarrassing Emmy Errors That Went Viral


Sunday’s Primetime Emmy Awards were favorably reviewed, with host Jimmy Kimmel getting praise for keeping the show light and nicely paced.

The red carpet featured some spectacular styles and the acceptance speeches were heartfelt. However, the ceremony was not without its gaffes, and of course, those commenting on social media took notice.

Below is a list of some of the more cringe-worthy moments from Emmy Sunday.

Word Game of Thrones

If only Kit Harington’s name was as easy to spell as his character’s, Jon Snow.

The “Game of Thrones” star was nominated for the best supporting actor in a drama award. When it was the time for his name to come up, the on-air graphic misspelled his last name. It’s Harington with only one “r,” not two. “Thrones” fans were not happy to see Harington snubbed twice in one night: first by the mistake, and second by the Academy (“Bloodline’s” Ben Mendelsohn took the prize).

Terrence Gooding Jr.?

If you thought the Harington mistake was bad, the TV Academy’s official Twitter account completely misidentified Terrence Howard as Cuba Gooding Jr.

Howard was a presenter, Gooding Jr. a lead actor in a limited series nominee. The tweet has since been deleted.

Mr. Who?

During the Emmy pre-show, a red carpet correspondent botched the name of Rami Malek’s character in “Mr. Robot,” calling him Elliot Anderson.

“Alderson … Elliot Alderson,” Malek corrected the correspondent — who was embarrassed by her mistake but quickly recovered. Malek had the last laugh though; he took home the Emmy for lead actor in a drama series.


Sykes out

The Malek mistake wasn’t the worst on the red carpet.

E! correspondent Sibley Scoles proclaimed “I love you Wanda,” to an actress who had stopped by the network’s booth. Right sentiment, wrong person. The person Scoles addressed was Jenifer Lewis, not Wanda Sykes.

“I’m Jenifer Lewis,” the actress explained. ““I look like Wanda.”

Scoles made matters worse when she said, “Jennifer Lawrence?” Wrong person once again. Watch the uncomfortable exchange below.


Chasing Amy

In another graphics gaffe, a bio on Amy Schumer ran underneath a shot of fellow comedienne Kate McKinnon.


At another point in the pre-show, “Transparent” star Gaby Hoffmann was labeled as show director Jill Soloway. The women did arrive back-to-back on the carpet, so the error could be chalked up to a directing mistake.

Which was the worst? Tell us in the comments below.