Dick Wolf Asks SAG Awards to Consider All Four ‘Chicago’ Casts as One Ensemble

Chicago Justice
Photo by: Matt Dinerstein/NBC

Executive producer Dick Wolf has officially asked the Screen Actors Guild Awards to consider the casts of all four of his ‘Chicago’ NBC dramas as one ensemble. Now he is awaiting a decision.

“I don’t think SAG would be upset to have me say that I have literally petitioned them to have all of the ‘Chicago’ shows to be put up as one ensemble for the ensemble drama category,” Wolf said. “It’s a universe that has no supporting players … I think it would be really cool to have them recognized as one ‘Chicago’ show.”

Wolf has talked in the past about having the shows’ casts considered together. After asking SAG Awards officials about the possibility, he was told to make a formal request.

“We’ve done that and we’re waiting for an answer,” he said.

Wolf’s “Chicago” universe expands this coming season from three linked shows — “Chicago Fire,” “Chicago PD” and  “Chicago Med” — to four with the addition of legal drama “Chicago Justice.” Once again NBC is planning for the series to cross over with one another.

Wolf downplayed the narrative difficulties of the crossovers.

“I think the integrations will be as seamless as they have been three or four year now,” said.

Beyond having characters appear here and there in each other’s shows, NBC is planning a big four-way crossover event for the dramas, but has been tight-lipped about when that might occur. “It’s a little premature, but I think that there will definitely be a four-way some time in the spring,” Wolf said.