Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” star Rachel Bloom, who won for lead TV comedy actress, delivered the kind of superlatives about working with the CW that are usually reserved for HBO — even if she found a fairly salty way to express it.

“The CW has supported us creatively every step of the way,” Bloom said. “All those things you hear about networks trying to stifle creativity — CW lets creators create and gives us freedom,” she said. “I think the CW is fan-f—ing tastic.”

Bloom recalled how she pitched two musical comedy series before landing “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” that were quickly passed on by the TV biz (“nobody gave a f— about them,” she said). “Crazy Ex” was initially set up at Showtime and they wound up passing. She was shocked when CW swooped in with a series order.

“When a network passes you really mourn the show,” she said. “The official state of grief in Hollywood is saying you’re taking around a dead pilot” to other networks.

Now that they are deep into production of the first season, Bloom said she’d learned a great deal about storytelling and the importance of diversity in television. She’s been surprised by the strong reaction from viewers to the show’s Filipino characters, which reflect the show’s setting of the Los Angeles suburb of West Covina. Bloom dropped the tidbit that Broadway star Lea Salonga will be a guest star in an upcoming episode.

“No one else had made the effort to show a Filipino family on American television,” Bloom said. “This has shown me how important diversity is if you want to tell a new story. Anything I do now, I’d want it to be diverse, because those stories haven’t been told before. We’re proud to be a show that supports diversity because that’s what America is. We’re just showing it how it is.”