Adam Sandler, David Spade, Paula Patton and Catherine Bell all gathered at Regal L.A. Live in Downtown Los Angeles for the premiere of Sandler’s newest Netflix feature “The Do-Over.” Spade and Sandler showed the same comedic chemistry together on the red carpet as they do on screen.

“I’m talking you up!” said Spade after commenting on Sandler’s wardrobe choice (which included brown corduroys, a green collared shirt and a blue puff jacket).

Although the movie is filled with big names, some of the established actors definitely felt nervous about being on set with such well-known comedians. Patton shared her experience of being in the presence of the comedians.

“In the beginning you’re scared, you’re like, ‘What if my jokes all completely fall flat?’ And then I got over myself and just started having fun,” said Patton. “They give you the freedom to try new things. The whole experience was just amazing.”

Director Steven Brill has had the luxury of working with Sandler on multiple occasions. He had previously directed Sandler features “Little Nicky” and “Mr. Deeds” in the early 2000s.

“This is different; it’s an action comedy, but it’s also a bit of a mystery and a bit of a detective story,” Brill said. “It’s got a lot of different genres going on.”

“It’s specifically Sandler, but it’s also a little bit in a direction where you don’t know where you are, what’s going on and you don’t know what’s going to happen next, which is a really fun experience,” he added.

Brill said Sandler specifically called him for this movie.

“The idea of Sandler and Spade together was something I dreamed and fantasized about and it came to be,” said Brill. “I’m more confident now than when we first started, but overall it’s Sandler at his best and as you’ve never seen him before: being interesting, cool, sexy, dirty but also sweet.”

Bell called her experience on the film “unbelievable.” The actress has nothing but praise for Sandler, who she called the “funniest guy.”

“He wants to make sure you’re enjoying yourself,” she said. “He constantly throws out ideas for you to try. He’s very involved, always in there.”

Also in attendance were Kathryn Hahn, Nick Swardson, executive producers Allen Covert and Kevin Grady, as well as Renee Taylor.

“The Do-Over” premieres May 27 on Netflix.