The Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia may have closed with Hillary Clinton’s speech on Thursday night, but the festivities continued well past 3 a.m. at the Unity Concert headlined by Snoop Dogg. The rapper shimmied to a set of his greatest hits at the Electric Factory, plugged his new album (several times), and dedicated two songs to Clinton. But despite the pretense of promoting party unity, Snoop never mentioned Bernie Sanders’ name.

Mary-Louise Parker got the party started by introducing the night’s headliner. Then Snoop took the stage. “I just want to make sure I’m in the right house tonight,” he said. “Does anybody want to get f—ed up with Snoop Dogg tonight?” He had the buttoned-up crowd, still dressed in their convention attire of suits and dresses, chant, “I want to get f—ed up tonight.” He later added: “The Democratics know how to party like a motherf—er.”

As a longtime Clinton fan, he quickly threw his support behind the party’s nominee. “If you’re ready to make Hillary Clinton our next president, make some motherf—ing noise,” Snoop told the crowd. He said that she could become “the first boss lady.”

Early in his set, he dedicated his song “Beautiful” (with the lyrics: “I just want you to know — oh-hooo! — you’re my favorite girl”) to Clinton. “Hillary, you’re my favorite girl!” he ab-libbed onstage. Later in the night, he also performed a cover of “Stand by Me,” which he said was intended for Clinton. “We are going to stand by you, Hillary,” he said.

Although the concert capped off a big week for the Democrats, where many celebrities — including Lena Dunham, Katy Perry, and Elizabeth Banks — took a stand against Donald Trump, Snoop didn’t take any shots at the Republican nominee. “I try to put some peace and love in the world right now,” he said, before performing his song “No Guns Allowed.”