A stage crasher had his moment in the limelight as the ladies of CBS’ “The Talk” received their award at the 2016 People’s Choice Awards, held Wednesday at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles and broadcast live on CBS.

Here are six highlights of the show:

  • Dominating in the night’s best one-liners category, host Jane Lynch followed her kickoff dance routine by self-identifying as a “slightly more masculine Neil Patrick Harris” in her opening monologue and later referred to herself as “the Taylor Swift of 1960.”
  • Mimicking Steve Harvey’s now-infamous Miss Universe slip-up, Jane Lynch presented a surprising award to Miss Colombia after “mistakenly” announcing Tom Lennon as the award’s recipient. Lennon responded to the mishap, flower bouquet in hand, with pure shock.
Jane Lynch and Thomas Lennon
Chelsea Lauren/Rex Shutterstock
    • In true Vin Diesel acceptance speech fashion, the “Furious 7” actor followed his acceptance of the awards for favorite action movie and favorite movie with a brief, emotional tribute to his late co-star Paul Walker. Diesel recalled the difficultly in returning back to work after the actor’s tragic death and concluded, “You’d be amazed what you could do with love.”
    • Self-proclaiming herself as the Mother Theresa of Talk Shows and the Dalai Lama of Daytime, the always-hilarious Ellen DeGeneres characterized her awards for favorite talk show host and humanitarian as “so, so deserved, but crazy.” Her speech was prefaced with a heartwarming highlight reel of DeGeneres’ most memorable viewer giveaways.
Portia De Rossi and Ellen DeGeneres
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    • Referencing her breakout role in “50 Shades of Grey,” favorite dramatic movie actress award winner Dakota Johnson announced “it’s not like everyone here hasn’t seen my boobs,” upon snagging her dress mid-hug with presenter Leslie Mann.
Dakota Johnson
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  • A random show attendee ran on stage to steal the mic during “The Talk’s” acceptance speech for the favorite daytime TV hosting team award. Sharon Osbourne responded accordingly, with a literal kick to the unwelcome stage guest.
Sharon Osbourne demonstrates her kick backstage.
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