Modern Family” is gearing up for its seventh Emmy run, which it launched Monday night at Fox’s Zanuck Theater. The show has been nominated for outstanding comedy series every year since its inception, and was dethroned last year by HBO’s “Veep.” Regardless of the outcome and the potential bevy of upcoming nominations, the cast and creators looked back on this season, their current run and the emotional upcoming season finale.

“I always find the downside to a winning lottery ticket; it’s like, what am I going to do after this?” said Julie Bowen, who plays Claire Dunphy, on the current success of the series.

“I worry about the fact that I’ll never have this good a job again, but I mean, I’ll never have this good a job again,” she added. “I started worrying about that like three years ago, it’s how I protect myself.”

Nolan Gould, who plays her onscreen son Luke Dunphy, thinks Bowen is the funniest person on set. But despite a season full of fun, crazy moments — including hiding a party from Mom — Gould’s favorite moment is in the season finale.

“I tried to act all tough, tough-guy exterior but I felt like I wanted to cry with that last shot of the season, as the final moment wraps up and it felt really sad. Hopefully our audience enjoys being on this roller coaster with us,” he said.

Seasoned comedy veteran Ed O’Neill has felt lucky to be on two very successful comedies.

“I like the fact that ‘Married with Children’ was a show I had to drive — big acting, big comedy. On this show, my job is to underplay more, which is my favorite type of acting. That’s been a happy thing for me,” said O’Neill.

Co-creator Christopher Lloyd is very invested in his characters and always tries to find new ways to keep the comedy fresh and “do right by them.”

“We try not to repeat ourselves and not let the characters flatten out. We try to find new sides to the characters, whether it’s Claire as a boss or Gloria as a new mom,” said Lloyd.

“When it feels real, it somehow gets funnier. It’s a challenge but also a joy, when you find a different vein to explore. There is a lot left to explore in the show and we’ve got a lot of life left in us,” he added.

Although the series is full of funny moments, there are other instances that create layers to the narrative.

“There are many surprising tender moments throughout the season and a few of them in our season finale, which kind of snuck up on all of us and really got to us,” he said.

Just like the rest of cast, Ty Burrell, who plays Phil Dunphy, had nothing but praises for the creators of “Modern Family.”

“I am lucky enough to roll out of bed and come play and say those words,” he said.

There are still a few months left until the Primetime Emmy nominations are revealed, but the “Modern Family” season finale is just around the corner — it airs on May 18.